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Skype singing lessons? Check! Private singing lessons? Check! Singing lessons on YouTube? Double check! Along with offering Skype sessions worldwide and local vocal coaching here in Queensland, Australia – Bohemian Vocal Studio now has an extensive collection of free YouTube lessons available, from how to sing Adele as a baritone , how to sing with an open throat and tons more tips, tricks, quick singing tutorials and in-depth lessons both here at bohemianvocalstudio.com and our YouTube channel.

If you’re wondering “Do YouTube lessons work?”, the answer isn’t as clear cut as “Yes!” or “No!” as it really depends on your voice, how well you follow the instruction, how well you’re being coached and just how well the lessons themselves apply to your individual voice type, vocal range, vocal tone and of course, the style of singing you want to learn.

The way I teach health singing technique here at Bohemian Vocal Studio applies to all singing styles and every vocal type (myself being a bass, so I know the perils of having a non-standard range!). I’ve taught and currently teach a large number of Baritones, a couple of other bass singers, tenors, sopranos, mezzos – anyone from the lowest range to the very highest female range possible, healthy singing technique applies no matter your range or voice type. Check out the below video about my own voice and personal singing journey as a natural bass, the truth really is in my voice and how I’m able to sing in any range without strain and almost any style with ease, even having almost the lowest range in a male voice (Out of the hundreds of vocal students I’ve coached over the past few years, only two have actually been true bass singers, the rest baritones and other ranges!)

YouTube singing lessons and Skype voice lessons really do work for any vocal type, even though my personal style is rock and blues – healthy singing technique applies to anything you want to learn regardless of your voice type!

If you’re ready to start building your own healthy, powerful singing voice with tons of range and control, no matter your natural range, you can book a session with me here so I can personalise the technique to your voice, your style and your own individual needs as a singer. Singing lessons on YouTube are great, but nothing beats a video lesson you get instant feedback from – isn’t technology amazing!?

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