You: Singing With 3 Octaves of Range

This could be you:


Do you want more vocal range?

Of course you do – EVERYONE wants more range.

A better question is really WHAT would you do with 3 octaves of singing range?

Serious question;

  • 3 Octaves of singing range would allow me to __________________
  • With 3 Octaves of singing range, my band would _____________________
  • I would be _______________ with 3 Octaves of singing range

I’m going to guess one of these questions stood out to you.

And the answer was like a lightbulb in your mind.

You’ve been thinking about learning how to sing – the compression, vowel modification, curbing, edge, twang blah blah blah; but not about the END goal.

The reason you’re putting yourself through all of this.

^ And this right here is the key to all vocal progress.


A point.


And from this purposeful focal point, you will then derive the following answers for how to get started/where to go from here;

  • To achieve 3 Octaves of singing range, I need to get better at ___________.
  • _________ is holding me back from singing with 3 Octaves of singing range.

And I’ll bet one of these answers relates directly to one of these four basic vocal fundamentals;

  • Height In The Vocal Tract
  • Forward Placement
  • “All In One Flow”
  • Tonal Intent

You might not immediately make the connection between the issues you listed above and one of these fundamentals, but I absolutely GUARANTEE that the root cause of your bigger issue is one of these super simple, super easy to fix, uber practical fundamentals.

Because EVERY vocal technique, trick, tip, concept and term out there relates directly to one of these four basic vocal fundamentals.

They’re called fundamental for a reason.

And all great singing starts here – with the fundamentals.

Watch this video to master The Four Vocal Fundamentals and get started on your dream of singing with 3 Octaves of vocal range right now.


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