Why SKYPE when I can get singing lessons near me?

Why SKYPE when I can get singing lessons near me?

You might be wondering WHY so many successful singing students are taking Skype sessions with Bohemian Vocal Studio – I mean, can’t I just get singing lessons near me? Well, sure – being honest with yourself here, your local options are likely limited to a classical coach or two, and maybe someone on Craigs List who teaches from their loungeroom – with Skype Lessons here at Bohemian Vocal Studio, you are working with a specialised vocal coach well versed internationally with most accent types, native tongues and unique voice types, not to mention gaining access to a proven tailored approach to singing that is being practiced and utilised all around the world as we speak!

I’ve realised, working with students from all around the globe – that different accents, languages and voice types all lend towards unique issues and challenges while learning how to sing. For example, a student with a Swedish accent faces a different challenge than someone from, say, here in Australia – or Switzerland, or China. My steps-based approach takes out the guess work and will build your voice from the ground up with NO bad habits poking their head up – if they appear, you will have been provided with a self sufficient way of self diagnosing and improving your technique – pretty cool, right? So ask yourself, “Would singing lessons near me have all these wonderful perks – and the wealth of experience that Kegan at Bohemian Vocal Studio can provide?”.

The choice is yours – an internationally renowned singing studio, right from the comfort of your own home OR a local coach who doesn’t necessarily understand you unique issues or have an approach designed for YOUR voice?

Don’t I need an expensive setup for Skype though? Nope! You’ve likely got everything you need already – I’ve even had students take a last minute session ‘on the go’ during a tour or before a show using their smartphone or a tablet. Because I do this for a living, sure – I have a professional setup and a number of devices/backup internet etc, but most of my Skype students simply use their laptop or iPad and a cheap pair of headphones if needed – the webcam and sound is perfect for what we need!

Isn’t it more effective learning/teaching face-to-face though? Sure, but if you consider that I’ve not only been singing for 15 years, but that I’ve actually been teaching via Skype since 2010 myself – I’m well versed in my approach to teaching and coaching via Skype, in fact, I prefer the experience of Skype because it really does personalise the situation and removes the intimidation/nerves associated with attending a sound studio and hearing a professional voice resonating powerfully in person – I’ve even had students say it’s “like having a live YouTube video you can actually interact with!”.

Teaching via skype also allows me to provide session discounts and much more affordable pricing because studio costs are taken out of the equation – in-studio sessions generally run around $20-$50 per hour extra simply because you’re attending a hired space – add in transport costs for both yourself and coach and it’s simply not a viable situation. By using my own studio space to attend Skype sessions, I’m able to provide a super fair price and be MUCH more flexible with my studio times and rescheduling abilities. Plus, I can reach a worldwide audience at a click of a button! You can watch one of my YouTube videos or tutorials here at Bohemian Vocal Studio – or even one of our many complimentary Webinars and then attend a session with me personally within the week to fine tune the techniques you’ve learned – we live in amazing and exciting times!

Wouldn’t you prefer to learn from the best, rather than someone who is simply just located in your area? Ask yourself which is more of a priority: “The best vocal coach” or just “singing lessons near me”? Give Skype a chance and meet with a proven vocal coach who specialises internationally – book in with me today and you’ll see just how easy it is!

Feel free to leave any questions or feedback below!

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