Why Is Singing So Hard? [It Doesn’t Have To Be!]

Why Is Singing So Hard? [It Doesn't Have To Be!]

I'll be honest with you - I wasn't a natural singer.

I struggled and strained, pushed and pulled, yelled and screamed, croaked and cringed while spending literally thousands (upwards of $15k to be exact) on singing lessons and courses that did little to increase my range or improve my tone at all. In fact, I finally got to a point where enough was enough and I really considered giving up my passion for singing for good.

What if I just don't have what it takes to become a great singer?

Has this thought ever crossed your mind? I know that I started asking myself this same question day after day while getting more and more frustrated with my lack of progress.

Want to know the true secret to spectacular singing, an endless range and a powerhouse tone?


That's right - it's not glottal compression, or cry, or edge, or fry, vowel modification or placement - simply Foundation.

I know, I know - you came here looking for the juicy secrets and insider tell-all information that no other coaches will tell you; and yes, you're right - I've absolutely become known as the guy who just puts it all out there and tells everyone everything without holding back any secrets, tricks or marketing hogwash. I'm not holding anything back from you, or telling you I have some special secret that no-one else could possibly know - but this is the honest truth, Vocal Foundation saved my singing voice and is the real reason that I'm here today as a professional singer and well respected voice coach.

Instead of me telling you over and over just how amazing it is to sing with so much freedom and power, you can make up your own mind. Here's just a few examples of what I'm capable of as a singer now that I've set up a rock solid foundation - remember, I wasn't a natural and I really struggled with strain and tension for many years before I discovered this fundamental approach.

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An Easier Way To Sing

What if I told you that all that struggling, straining and effort was a complete waste of time, and that there was an EASIER and QUICKER way to learn how to sing?

Using the following Four Vocal Fundamentals, you'll see more progress in your singing that you have in months, or even years;

  • Forward Placement
  • Height In The Vocal Tract
  • Consistent Airflow
  • Mixed Tonality

Every single singing technique out there can be boiled down into these four single concepts. Vowel Modification, Yawning, Raising the soft palate - these are all related to Height In The Vocal Tract. Masque, Twang, Placement, a Bratty Tone, Nyah/Nyaa exercises - these all relate to Forward Placement. Compression, Inhalare La Voce, Diaphragmatic Breathing - these all relate to Consistent Airflow. Blending Resonance, Vowel Modification, Classroom Voice, Connecting Chest and Head Voice - these all relate to Mixed Tonality.

These four simple concepts are a key aspect of the Foundation Vocal Approach that you'll find in the Foundation 101 Singing Course, which has been designed specifically to fast track your progress and reset the balance in your singing voice.

If you've been singing for years and you're just sick of how difficult singing can be - these Four Vocal Fundamentals are going to absolutely change your life as a singer while streamlining your routine and best of all; increasing your range and improving your tone. The course also caters to complete beginner singers too, with straightforward and practical instructions and demonstrations of each concept along with a warmup stage and a private group for Q&A around vocal technique and the Foundation Vocal Method.

If you're finding it difficult to learn to sing better, the key is in your vocal foundation, and the key to great vocal foundation is The Four Vocal Fundamentals which you'll learn in the foundation 101 singing course.

You can even get started right now with this exclusive Mixed Voice Singing Lesson which will show you the exact process I use to help my own students find their mixed voice by connecting chest and head voice into one fluid range from lowest to highest pitch.

Do You Have What It Takes?

If you want to find out your potential for improvement as a singer, this special quiz will show you exactly how and where you should be investing your time as a singer - it's short and simple, super accurate and most singers are shocked at the results!