Why Is Posture Important For Singing? [3 Powerful Reasons]

Why Is Posture Important For Singing? [3 Powerful Reasons]

Most singing courses out there start with two things - breathing and posture.

The breathing is obvious, but what about posture? Why is posture important for singing?

I'm about to share 3 powerful reasons why posture is so important for great singing - and a practical way that you can improve your singing instantly with a posture hack that ties in with your diaphragmatic breathing.

I get it - breathing and posture just aren't "exciting" when you put them up against all the fancy sounding techniques like compression, vowel modification, cry and edge; but there's a REASON that every single course out there puts so much importance on posture and breathing as the lynchpin of your vocal progress;

#1 - Good Posture = Better Breath Control

This one is easy to illustrate; just hunch over like a little old lady pushing a walker and try to sing something - it's impossible, right?

Good posture simple equals better control over your breathing, and even more importantly, more efficient use of your diaphragm in the first place.

#2 - Good Posture = More Confidence

Imagine walking into a room full of people hunched over like the aforementioned little old lady with the task of singing a song for them - terrifying, right?

Now, imagine you walk in like THOR; head high, hammer in hand and the power of the gods at your side - exciting, right?

It's a dramatic comparison, but it's incredibly true; your posture really is tied to self confidence, and self confidence itself is tied to better singing.

#3 - Bad Posture = Strain and Tension

As a professional voice coach I often feel a little more like a chiropractor or physiotherapist: "head high, strong posture, breathe from your core and relax".

It's again proven that poor posture results in strain and tension - wouldn't you prefer to be strain free when you sing?

How To Improve Your Posture

I promised to give you an awesome posture hack, and here it is:

  • Head Up
  • Shoulders Back and Down
  • "Proud" chest
  • Ribs Wide
  • Breathe from your core

It's seriously THAT simple to set up your posture for your singing - and this is exactly what all those courses are trying to get you to do with the "posture" module; head up, shoulders back, proud chest, ribs wide and breathe from your core.

Obviously, there's a little bit more to great singing than just standing tall in this way - in fact, diaphragmatic breathing is much more about "the exhale" than you probably realise, but this strong posture is definitely a great place to start.

The #1 Thing You'll Ever Learn

Beyond just your posture and breathing, there's something SUPER important that I want to share with you, but this tutorial is about breathing and posture so I don't want to go off track - so click the link below to learn the #1 Most Important Thing You Will Ever Learn As A Singer.


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