Why can’t i sing high notes anymore?

I hear this all the time – I’ve regularly have new students come to me who’ve been singing since the 70’s or 80’s when they were 20 years old and hitting the highs of Robert Plant or Paul Rodgers with ease – then with time they mysteriously lose that high range, “why can’t I sing high notes anymore?” is a common question I get from untrained singers who’ve been singing “DIY” for some time and have picked up some bad habits along the way.

The mark of a good singer is how well their voice ages

Listen to Paul Rodgers in the present day – he’s actually a BETTER singer now than he was as a 20-year-old in 1970, isn’t that incredible? He has healthy vocal technique to thank for the longevity of his voice and career. Without healthy technique, his singing and high range would have been in steady decline since the 70’s

Why/How do our voices age?

For the most part, a dimished range is actually a DEFENCE MECHANISM that our voices emloy to stop us from permanently damaging our vocal cords. You can get away with alot when you’re younger in many thing in life, but a bad lifestyle, or bad singing technique will catch up with you eventually. Take care of your voice and your voice will age gracefully and you’ll retain 95% of your highest range.

What techniques should I be using?

If you intend to sing for LIFE, and keep your voice as healthy as possible like I do, then you need to learn a few basic singing techniques to minimise any risky actions and inconsistent approach we might be using without realising.

  • Diaphragmatic breathing
  • Vocal Placment
  • Vowel Positions
  • Practical Vowel Sounds
  • Proper Diction
  • Breath Support and Compression
  • Middle Voice
  • Healthy Posture
  • A healthy delivery
  • Resonance and power

Here’s a simple video I put together to show you how to bridge your registers in a healthier, more POWERFUL way;

<iframe src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/d0nDyPm7Rm0″ allowfullscreen=”” height=”281″ frameborder=”0″ width=”500″></iframe>

Can I fix my bad habits?

It’s not ALL bad news for oldschool singers and those who’ve developed bad techniques along the way – you CAN regain your vocal health, just like any muscle in your body, as long as you act quick and correct those damaging habits as soon as you can. A diminished range is a defence mechanism for your vocal chords, and is a sign that you’ve been doing something wrong for a REALLY long time. You can book a session with me in the booking calendar to your right to fix your bad habits now!

Can I regain my high notes?

Absolutely! Using the healthy vocal techniques I pointed out above, you really can regain the high range of your youth – and build you range even higher. Book a vocal coaching session with me to your right and I’ll help you break your bad habits and build a healthier singing technique so you can keep that youthful high range!

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