Why 96% of all singers fail [Don’t make this mistake}

Don’t make this fatal vocal mistake

I recently crunched the numbers of all the YouTube comments, emails and messages that I get about singing.

It’s not pretty.

Of the thousands of YouTube comments, emails and messages I get every month – slightly under 5% of these people actually follow up with me on the advice that I give them.

I’m going to assume one of two things from the 96% of people who don’t follow up any further.

Either they became world class, stage destroying, world touring vocal monsters from my three sentences of advice.

Or, they failed.

To put this in perspective, I’ve personally been at this for 20 years so far, and coaching professionally for over a decade.

Is started with LESS than a full octave of range in my first vocal range, and my vocal range is now something like C2 to B4 in full voice – around 4 octaves give or take.

Aside from all those randoms on YouTube who don’t actually follow through on my advice and get in touch directly – many of my actual students are now renowned voice teachers themselves, professional wedding band singers, professional full time musicians releasing albums and making a serious go of the whole musician thing or working towards turning their passion INTO a profession.

^ I’ve included links above to my students’ many endeavours and businesses since mastering the simple skill I’m about to share with you in the video below.

And what is the big difference between the 4% who succeed in a MAJOR way like the guys and gals I shared with you above – and the 96% schmucks on YouTube who ask questions like “can you teach me… but for less than Ken Tamplin charges??” (immediately trashed) and “Brett Manning says NOT to try and sing vowels, can you teach me speech singing?” (immediately trashed) and “Chris Liepe says to sing like a dying cat – can you do a video on that?” (immediately trashed).

^ These guys will never succeed.

I hate to say it.

It brings me no pleasure.

The 4% of people who AREN’T like that are asking things like:

  • Hey Kegan, I’m working on an album, and there’s a specific song I’m having trouble hitting an A4 in.
  • Hey man I can sing a C5 in head voice and yell a G4 in chest  voice but nothing in the middle – I’m sick of it. How do I connect them?
  • You don’t just sing – you TEACH. Thankyou. Can I send you a clip of a song I’m having trouble with to get some tips?
  • Thnks I’m having trouble applying the fundamentals though – how does it work in a song? Can I email you

You just met the 4% of budding GREAT singers who have REAL questions that aren’t related to some ridiculous “open throat” singing lesson or “how to sing like” video or “voice coach reacts” reality TV video.

Real questions equals real results.

Now, I could go right ahead and ask you what your REAL questions were about singing.

Not about belting.

Or grit.

Or Brett Manning.

Or Ken Tamplin.

Real questions about YOUR voice that you want HELP with.

How to sing higher notes.

How to bridge chest and head.

How to sing with finesse.

Why you’ve got “two” voices instead of “one” connected voice.

Why your onsets are so hard.

Why you have issues with plosive consonants.

^ Real questions equal real results.

The reason why 96% of singers FAIL point blank – is because they’re asking the WRONG questions.

I’ll give you an opportunity to ask me the right questions in a moment.

But first, I want to share the most important training video you’re EVER going to see.


It does exactly what it says on the box – these four basic techniques are absolutely fundamental to your growth as a singer;

Now, if you dug the above video and it was EYE OPENING for a multitude of reasons, I’ve put aside some time in my booking calendar to meet with you over Skype/Zoom for you to ask me those REAL questions that you have about your singing voice and approach.

Hit the link below to book your free 20 minute vocal blueprint session with me:


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