Which Singer Are You?

Which Singer Are You?


As a beginner, techniques like support, vowels and compression might seem overwhelming – let’s make it easy and simple by building a strong foundation first.

Low Voice?

As a low baritone myself – I feel your pain! If you’re fighting against your naturally low voice, there IS a better way!

Mix Voice

Chris Cornell, Aretha Franklin, Bon Jovi, Sebastian Bach, Whitney Houston – what do these singers all have in common? Mix Voice.

Mature Age

Mick Jagger is 75 and Paul Rodgers is 69 – it’s never too late to build a killer voice!

Heavy Metal

Growing up on Judas Priest and Metallica myself – I know you don’t want to sing classical scales… you want to wail Master of Puppets! Let’s do it!


You’ve come this far already, let’s fix those bad habits and frustrating breaks once and for all!