Which Online Singing Course is Best?

Which Online Singing Course is Best?

If you’ve been deciding whether or not to pull the trigger on that expensive singing course, your first need to ask yourself these five questions. Relax, I’m not selling a vocal method, and my own foundations singing course is completely free, so this guide comes completely free of bias or marketing attempts. I work with singers directly and coach inter-personally rather than spruiking a singing method, but singing courses have become so common lately that I saw the need to streamline the process of choosing the best online singing course and making a solid decision on which method to pursue.

I’ve personally been singing for almost 20 years, and coaching for the last ten, so this is all from my own personal experience as a beginner singer right through to becoming a voice coach myself. Are you ready to learn which online singing course is best? Ask yourself these 5 important questions first.

#1 – Can They Sing?

It’s a no-brainer, I know – but have you actually heard them sing? Vocal covers are actually pretty useless in this regard, I’m talking about actual DEMONSTRATIONS from beginning to finish of concepts like middle voice, vowel shaping and range extension. It’s all good for someone to parrot information they’ve heard, or even share what worked for them personally, but if they can’t demonstrate the steps, then their course is going to be as useless as fly-screen on a submarine.

Of course, singing ability isn’t the be-all-and-end-all of vocal coaching, which leads me to point #2:

#2 – Can They Teach?

Sure, someone might say they’re “the greatest”, but have you actually LEARNED anything from their videos? Singing and Teaching are actually two unrelated skills, a good voice coach should actually possess both. A great singer who is naturally talented is likely a pretty crap voice coach, and there’s a scientific reason behind this – if they didn’t struggle or fight for the voice they have today, it’s likely they take for granted that many of us mere mortals who aren’t naturally gifted with a great singing voice may struggle with certain steps along the way. A good voice coach is someone who has worked hard for their voice, and who understands what it takes to turn a lack of singing ability into a powerhouse voice.

#3 – What is the angle?

I’m not saying you need an RnB voice coach to sing RnB, but it will certainly help if you voice coach and the course you are about to purchase caters to your individual taste where delivery and tone is concerned. In this case, perhaps a belting, shouting Rock coach isn’t what the doctor ordered and instead you need someone who can show you how to sing effectively in middle voice without pushing your voice, and on the flipside, if you’re a Rock guy that likes REAL Rock singers who can actually sing, a shouty coach probably isn’t the way to go, and the RnB guy probably isn’t your best bet either. Find a voice coach and a singing course that teaches with an open minded and unbiased approach which will be effective for your unique voice and the unique style with which you wish to sing.

Rock Singing Lessons might be the way to go if you want to learn how to sing like Chris Cornell, but on the flip-side, if you want to learn how to sing like John Legend, you need someone who truly understands the voice and can show you how to sing the way that YOU want to sing and the style and tone that YOU wish to sing with.

#4 – Jargon Schmargon

Many singing teachers out there, along with singing courses, make extensive use of jargon and shorthand, that sure, to a seasoned singer and professional musician makes perfect sense, but if you’re a complete beginner, terms like Appoggio, La Gola Aperta and Prop are probably going to muddy the waters and make things HARDER for you. Find a voice coach and vocal method that explains every step of the way in a practical and ‘down to earth’ way that isn’t literally in another language.

Outdated terms belong in the past – it’s time for practical and simple instructions. After all, singing itself is a very simple process, it’s learning HOW to do it that is often confusing and difficult. Don’t let stuffy and outdated terms confuse you, they mean very little…

#5 – Support is king

No, literally. Beyond the idea of breath support itself, support from the coach you are purchasing the course from is paramount! If you can’t ask questions, and there’s not support, how can you ever make heads or tales of concepts like vowel modification, resonant space and placement? If that were so, there would be no schools, and kids would simply read text books for 12 years before getting a job in the real world. To learn how to sing, you MUST recieve direct guidance from a professional voice coach who not only understands the method being taught, but understands that your voice is a unique instrument and requires a unique set of instructions.

There are tons of great singing courses out there, and you know what? They’re all good. That’s right, any singing course out there is a great START to your vocal journey. You can even sign up for the free foundations courses available here at Bohemian Vocal Studio to get a head start and step up before you really dig into your vocal toolchest while building the range and tone of your dreams. When you’re ready to take your voice to the next level, or if you’ve purchased a singing course and need some help making sense of what and how you are being taught, you can book a Skype Lesson with me and we’ll start working towards extending your vocal range and building balance and consistency in your voice EVERY time you sing.

If you have any questions about learning how to sing, feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!


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