Which exercises strengthen vocal cords?

You’ve been working on your range for some time, maybe you’ve just achieved a connection through your middle voice, but you’re finding it hard to POWER UP your sound and create more resonance – which exercises strengthen vocal cords?

Start with your breathing

I know, it seems counter intuitive when you just want powerful vocal cords, but your vocal cords are only as strong as the air that is controlling them. Develop proper diaphragmatic support via compression and you’ll start resonating with a richer tone in no time. Need to work on your breathing? You can book a session with me in the calendar to your right.

Work on your onset

Your onset is incredibly important to vocal health, and by default, the POWER you have at your disposal when you sing. If you’re starting out with a BREATHY onset, your voice will be weak and at risk of damage – and on the flipside, if you’re starting out with a HARSH (glottal) onset, then your voice will break, and you’re still at risk of damage. The healthiest onset, and the one that allows you the most power is called a ‘balanced’ onset, where your vocal chords start vibrating at the exact moment they’re reached by air pressure being released by your diaphragmatic breath control.

  • Breathy Onset = Air passing your vocal cords BEFORE they vibrate
  • Glottal/Harsh Onset = Vocal chords are slammed shut and air PUSHES through them
  • Balanced onset = Your vocal chords have correct closure and start vibrating at the exact moment they’re met with air pressure.

Here’s a free singing lesson I’ve put together about proper vocal cord closure;

Placement, Placement, Placement

As one of the few professional baritone vocal coaches that specialise in ROCK singing technique, I realise now that placement is often misunderstood completely by a LOT of classical teachers that are either female or guys with a tenor range – they simply don’t NEED to place their voice due to their shorter, tighter vocal cords, so most female or tenor vocal coaches don’t put any merit on Placement. For a baritone voice like mine, learning placement has been the dealbreaker where singing voice is concerned, without placement – my voice is boomy, strained and has many breaks that are impossible to control. If you can work with a coach that shows you how to develop proper vocal placement, your voice will be able to resonate with POWER and ease.

Most of all, make sure you pick the right voice coach for your voice type!

Middle Voice

Developing your middle voice is absolutely paramount to building power in your voice – they don’t call it your “Belting Register” for nothing! The middle voice is the part of your voice that is likely breaking currently, and is the exact point where your “Chest voice” transitions into “Head Voice” – learn how to expand your middle voice and control your frequencies correctly and your voice will GROW like never before. This is an area of my expertise here at Bohemian Vocal Studio – click on the booking calendar to your right and we’ll work on it together!

Vowel Positions

Known as Vowel Modification in most singing approaches, I exclusively teach Vowel Positions here at Bohemian Vocal Studio – this is a MUCH easier and more efficient way of increasing your range in a natural way. If you want to know which exercises strengthen vocal cords, then the first answer should be Vowel Positions. If you’re a regular student of BVS, you can sign in to the Student Resource center at the top of this page to see my vowel position guides along with other practical illustrations of placement and a full list of how to create consonant sounds in a healthy, POWERFUL way.

Build power in your voice NOW!

If you’re ready to learn which exercises strengthen vocal cords and develop techniques like middle voice, vowel positions, placement, onsets and your breath support, book a session with me now in the booking calendar to your right.

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