What Is The Best Way To Learn How To Sing?

What Is The Best Way To Learn How To Sing?

Singing itself is relatively easy - but learning how to do it well can be extremely difficult and frustrating.

There's courses. Teachers. Coaches. YouTube. Google. Reddit. More Courses. Even MORE courses... need I go on?

It's not really a lack of information and guidance that makes learning how to sing so difficult, it's really the contradictory and confusing information out there that can make your head spin.

Support your voice. Don't support your voice. Modify your vowel. Pronounce your vowel. Don't sing vowels. Sing with resonance. Glottal onsets are great. Glottal onsets will ruin your voice. You don't need placement. Placement is the most important thing you'll ever learn... again, need I go on?

When I was first learning how to sing, I went to a lot of different singing teachers with the thought that "more is best" and that learning from so many different people and approaches would average out to a seriously great voice.

I was wrong.

My voice still sucked - even after I spent over $15,000 on singing lessons.

Maybe it was just me. Maybe my voice just sucked. Maybe I just didn't have what it takes to be a good singer in the first place?

I really started to question whether I was wasting my time and I should just give up once and for all.

Does this sound familiar?

After trying absolutely everything I possibly could to build a better singing voice - from courses and books right through to lessons with some of the best voice coaches out there; and I'd just had enough of the whole thing.

And here I am now with a decade of professional voice coaching experience under my belt, a hard rock album out everywhere, a new album in the works and students all around the world smashing their own vocal goals and giving me all kinds of amazing feedback;

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So what exactly changed for me as a frustrated singer who couldn't tell head voice from mixed voice, vowel modification from placement, resonance from onsets and the larynx from the soft palate?

Honestly, it was wiping the slate clean and starting from scratch with a rock solid vocal foundation.

No tricks, no workarounds - just a great vocal foundation.

A strong foundation for your voice works in exactly the same way as rudiments work for a drummer; the base fundamentals that make up all of your rhythms, beats, fills and patterns. But when it comes to singing, we're really talking about the base setup of your vocal mechanism and your rudimentary understanding and application of how to actually use your voice.



Foundation 101 - The Four Vocal Fundamentals

After spending so many years fighting my voice and trying to manipulate my folds into sounding better - when I really just lacked a base understanding of how the voice really works; I finally found the key to great singing and a proven method that ultimately gives you results.

The Four Vocal Fundamentals;

  • Height In The Vocal Tract
  • Forward Placement
  • "All In One Flow"
  • Mixed Tonality

And that is absolutely IT.

No modes. No curbing. No edge. No aggressive marketing - just a solid, practical approach that really works.

Realising that absolutely every single concept, technique, trick, term and method out there relates directly to one of these four basic vocal fundamentals, I've been able to show proven results time and time again with my students - and of course my own voice.

If you're serious about taking your voice to the next level with the proven approach that has helped me take less than an octave of range into 4 full octaves of power, a killer tone; and a whole ton of students now making their own albums, nailing show after show and reaching above and beyond their goals as singers, then you absolutely MUST master The Four Vocal Fundamentals.

Let me show you exactly how to sing with The Four Vocal Fundamentals;

Master The Four Vocal Fundamentals

With the Foundation 101 Singing Course

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