What Is Mixed Voice? (How To Find Mix Voice)

The powerful technique that will show you

Mixed voice.

How do you do it?

Why do you need it?

When should you use it?

Are you favourite singers REALLY using Mixed Voice themselves?

And what IS Mixed Voice anyway??

I'm about to answer these questions and more in the simple but effective video above which is going to blow the gates wide open on the whole "Is Mixed Voice Really a Thing??" question you've probably had spinning in your head since you first heard to term. 

Watch the video above first, and then we'll talk a bit about why you need mixed voice and how you're going to use it to build an INSANE amount of vocal range.

Mixed Voice is just ONE of the four powerful techniques that I use to help singers just like you build a ridiculously huge vocal range.

Now that you know just how POWERFUL mixed voice is as a tool to develop a killer voice, imagine what the other three are going to do for your voice.

I've even found a ton of other singing teachers and voice coaches are flocking to my simple but effective method in droves to learn the "simple secrets" to great singing.

Some of them have even told their own students that "Bohemian Vocal Studio is the only vocal school to trust 100%"

Seriously, some of my students even have massive followings on YouTube as vocal teachers themselves - teaching others the method that I first taught them.

I'm not saying this to try and inflate myself, or because they owe me anything - after all, they're just reaping the incredible rewards of all the hard work they've put into my approach.

The same rewards that you could be reaping RIGHT NOW.

I just want you to have all the facts.

This isn't a garden variety "sing better in 30 days" type method where you just get a few Mah Mah Mah exercises and Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do; this is the real deal and as far as I'm aware is actually the ONLY vocal method out there that is recommended by other voice coaches.

In fact, Bohemian Vocal Studio is regularly ranked in the Top 10 Best Vocal Methods in the world along side seriously famous methods like Christina Aguilera's Masterclass and "Hollywood Coach To The Stars" Roger Love.

Basically, you've hit the jackpot by finding this little-known but highly praised method that is actually being used by other voice coaches out there who learned from yours truly.

But you don't care about any of that, do you? You just want to learn how to sing with Mixed Voice yourself - damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead and let's get down to business with the remaining Vocal Fundamentals.

It's a 1000% brilliant vocal method.
Kegan's training also helps me as a voice coach!


Voice Teacher

Kegan has helped me put the "Singer" into Singer-Songwriter, and taken me all the way through to recording my first album!

Mike Nova

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Rock Singer

The Four Vocal Fundamentals

What if I told you that you were absolutely wasting your time scrolling through video after video on YouTube looking for advanced technique after advanced technique - of course, without finding any REAL answers.

And what if I told you that there was actually only FOUR things you have to do to become a seriously spectacular, ridiculously fantastic, world class singer?

You might think that it all sounds too good to be true - but it's a fact.

Every single vocal concept, technique, tip, trick and term relates directly to one of these four simple fundamentals;

  • Height In The Vocal Tract
  • Forward Placement
  • "All In One Flow"
  • Mixed Tonality <- we've already learned this one!

As you've come to expect from me at this point, I'm not just going to talk about it and get you all titillated about some magic technique that's hidden "in my course" or something like that - I'm going to go right ahead and actually SHOW YOU how to do it yourself;

Now, if you want to just skip all this rudimentary stuff and get to the BONES of the method with the #1 most important thing you will EVER learn as a singer, you can put your details in below to receive my special Three Part Vocal Plan designed to blow-the-gates off the process of learning how to sing.

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