What is mix voice?

What is mix voice?

Mix voice, or “middle voice” is that ever elusive tone that your favourite singers seem to use with very little effort, powerful high notes that aren’t ‘weak’ like yours may be, and still with a super rich low end that seems smooth as butter. But what is mix voice?

Mix voice is a separate vocal chord coordination to “Chest Voice” and “Head Voice” where the vocal chords are either Full Length (chest) or Shortest Length (head) – Mix voice is actually the coordination located between the two, and it actually allows you to slid between both vocal registers with ease and a powerful connection.

I’ll show you a few super simple mixed voice exercises and how to develop your mixed voice singing in this easy tutorial:

You see, middle voice isn’t a ‘trick’ or a ‘technique’, it’s actually the way your vocal chords are MEANT to be used, before we started throwing concepts like “Chest Voice” and “Belting” into the mix – not to mention our various accents, languages and voice types. With this simple tutorial you’ll be extending your range and building a powerful mix voice in no time at all!

Is Mix voice making more sense now that you know how to use all three vocal chord coordinations to access your full range? If you’re ready to improve your mix voice singing and develop your mix voice even further, you can book a session with me today and I’ll show you how to do it in your unique voice type!

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