Webinars and Master Classes

Vowel Fundamentals - 9th October 1.30pm AEST

Learn the secret to great singing in this webinar designed around Vowel Fundamentals in singing. We'll cover topics including;

  • Vowel formation
  • Tongue position
  • How vowels relate to resonance
  • An introduction to vowel modification
  • Increasing your range
  • Troubleshooting vowel sounds

Along with the above topics and more, there will be a dedicated Q&A portion where you can ask questions and received detailed advice on how to sing better by improving your approach to vowel sounds.

Webinar Special For Participants (available for 24 hours only)

Registration has now closed for the webinar.

A replay of the event will be sent out to all subscribers following the webinar where possible.

Vowel Training

Learn the fundamentals of great vowels and powerful resonance with detailing training from Kegan at Bohemian Vocal Studio

Q&A - Question Time

Receive personalised training and advice in the Q&A portion

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