WARNING: This trick will double your vocal range

WARNING: This trick will


Learning how to sing is a total nightmare, right?

Voice coaches are literally a dime a dozen on YouTube… except they don’t charge a dime to work with you, they charge hundreds.

You’ve got a guy telling you to sing “open”

And another telling you to sing “like you speak”

And some other guy telling to sing like a “dying cat”

^ All literal instructions I just found in a quick search on YouTube.

Total BS.

Basically, learning how to sing in 2022 is a total shit show.

But what if I told you how to double your vocal range with easy, proven steps? No fluff, no marketing, no course sale, no mystery techniques like “Open throat”. Just 4 practical instructions that you can apply now that WILL help you sing higher, better, with more power and a better tone. 




(I think this last one is probably going to speak to you the most though, right?)

Basically, EVERY single vocal technique out there, EVERY method and EVERY exercise ever recommended boils down to just FOUR simple fundamentals.

The Four Vocal Fundamentals;

  • Forward Placement
  • Height in the vocal tract
  • “All in one flow”
  • Tonal intent

I know, i know – that sounds like a whole bunch-o-crunch-a-vocal-jargon, right?

Well it’s not.

Because I’m about to explain how, when and why to learn, develop and use these techniques when you sing!

#1 – Forward Placement

You might have noticed that your favourite singers have a great tone. 

Bright, cutting but warm and defined at the same time.

AKA – Forward Placement

Basically, when you sing correctly, your intention must be directed ‘forward’ into the bones of the face to bring the voice out of the throat. In essense, a bright vocal tone that has a touch of effective ‘treble’ to balance out your voice results in an instant boost in volume, power and dexterity in your singing.

When it comes to rock singing in particular – forward placement is the bees knees.

One step better than just ‘telling you’ to sing with forward placement, here’s the best vocal placement tutorial you’re EVER going to see:

Now, if you dig what you’ve seen in the video above – I’m going to cut to the chase and offer you a free 20 minute consult with me so you can ask me all of those burning questions about vocal placement that absolutely no one else is answering for you.

#2 – Height In The Vocal Tract

This one is exactly how it sounds – you need to raise the soft palate to create ‘height’ in the vocal tract.

If you’ve been mistakenly thinking that “open throat” is like expanding your neck ready to chug a beer – the ‘open’ in open throat actually refers to raising and narrowing the vocal tract within the pharynx. So, “open” isn’t yelling EH and AH with as much chest voice as possible – there’s actually an ever changing space/size/shape within the soft palate that allows your resonance to ‘ping’ in every register; yes, even head voice can sound just as full and powerful as your chest voice when you nail this one.

Oh yeah, it’s EASY too.

All you’ve gotta do is watch this video: Big Dreams? You need a BIG VOICE to match [VIDEO] <- I’ll show you how to modify your vowels correctly in the ending portion of this video, so make sure you tune in and watch the full video!

#3 – “All in one flow”

I personally hate the term “support”.

What the fuck does “support” even mean?

So with all that outta the way – “All in one flow” is the most practical way I can illustrate how to manage your airflow when you sing.

Basically, don’t sing choppy or staccato – instead, make sure you sing a vocal line with ONE exhalation.

I’m serious.

Try a vocal line, anything, any song.

Your airflow was jumpy and all over the place, right?

Now, try it again as though the whole line is sung on ONE long, continued, managed “sigh”.

So, a vocal line like “In my eyes, indisposed” wouldn’t be sung as “IN. MY. EYES. IN. DISPOSED”, it would be sung more as a continuous phrase like “EH-n-m-AH-ee-AH-ee-z, EH-nd-IH-s-p-OU-zd”.

All in one flow baby, learn it.

#4 – Tonal Intent

Number four is so important it gets it’s own special video.

Tonal Intent is the key to all great rock singing.

Double your vocal range by watching this video now:

If you’re serious about doubling your vocal range, becoming a better singer, nailing those high notes or even just improving your tone of the range you already have – I’ve put aside some time in my calendar for you to meet with me in a free 20 minute consult. Hit the link below to book your spot with me now as there is currently only 3 remaining spots for September

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