Vocal Training Software (Vowel Translator)

Vocal Training Software (Vowel Translator)

Have you been practising singing scales and sirens for some time, and you’re completely lost with how to put these new-found skills into practice with actual songs? Bohemian Vocal Studio’s Vowel Translator (c) was designed as a vocal training tool to help singers put their voices into practice by connecting their practice routine with the songs they’ve always dreamed of singing.

Singing and speech, while using the same mechanism, are ultimately two very different processes and skills. Where speech is created primarily from consonant sounds and pronunciation, singing is a result of resonance and relies primarily on vowels. Depending on your accent and native tongue, the vowels you use, and how you create them, when you sing – will be entirely different to the vowels you use in speech.

In great singing, a vowel is created by shaping the tongue in a specific manner while matching resonant space to range, word, style and your voice type. A great example of this is a word like “EYE”, which in actual fact when sung, is an “AH” tongue shape – which occurs when you  lower your tongue to a concave and create resonant space in the pharynx by raising the soft palate. Another great example is the word “YEAH” which is actually formed from an “AY” tongue shape, where the tongue is raised and the jaw lowered while creating resonant space.

This is easy in a vocal exercise where you are using a pure vowel sound and you’re focusing purely on things like range and tone – but when it comes to singing actual songs, it becomes much more difficult to form these tongue shapes effectively and retain purity in your resonance while also clearly enunciating your word – until now!

Are You Having Trouble Singing Actual Songs?

Bohemian Vocal Studio’s Vowel Translator is designed specifically to illustrate each tongue shape required for specific words when you sing (just like EYE and YEAH above). Lets take a look at how The Vowel Translator works by first creating your first three vowels correctly, AH, EE and OO;

The OO vowel occurs when the bulk of your tongue forms in the back of the throat while elongating your lips forward. An AH vowel occurs when your tongue is low and concave, and an EE vowel occurs when your tongue is raised in the mouth towards the roof of the mouth. By practicing these three tongue shapes, you will soon learn how to resonate much more efficiently by using The Vowel Translator to gain practical insight into how these shapes relate to actual words, let’s have a look at how this works in the translator itself:

As you can see, The Vowel Translator converts each word into each of the main tongue shapes and their subsequent alterations, such as EH/AY from EE and OH from AH. This gives you much greater control over how you sing each word, and more importantly, puts the vowel sounds that you practice in your warmup routing into practice with actual songs so you can start making a connection between what you’re practicing, and what you really want to sing – after all, singing real songs is the reason we all learn how to sing, right?

You can try out the Vowel Translator with a basic Bohemian Vocal Studio membership, which I’m offering to you for only $25 the first month so you can try out the Vowel Translator yourself, along with the special Booster courses, Consonant guide and other premium tools you receive when you sign up to a premium membership with BVS. The Mix Booster course in particular is proving to be a life saver for many singers who have chosen to invest in their ongoing singing progress;

 I have to say Mix Booster is the greatest tool for everyday practice and warm up! – Иван (2019)
 I recently bought your course and I can feel the resonance/placement into my head and it’s super cool – Alec (2018)
 Before work with translator I didn’t recognize how much throaty my voice was. I feel huge improvement! – Ivan (2018)
 Wow! I find this tool very useful – it helps with singing particular words and phrases! – Vesna (2018)

Basic Membership $49 p/m $25 for the first month!

A Basic monthly membership with Bohemian Vocal Studio will provide you with access to The Vowel Translator, our special Booster courses and premium tools like the Consonant Guide and podcast. Use the booster courses to tune up your foundation technique as needed, the Vowel Translator for streamlining the process of learning and developing actual songs and the Consonant Guide for any tricky words or consonant sounds that might be tripping you up.

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Are you ready to Boost Your Mix and take your singing ability up another notch with a premium membership at Bohemian Vocal Studio? Lets get started with the Mix Booster! With a premium membership, the keys to your vocal health and singing progress really are in your own hands!

If you have any questions about The Vowel Translator and how this powerful vocal training tool can help you voice, feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!

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