Vocal Quiz – What Is Your Potential To Improve? 75

Vocal Quiz - What Is Your Potential To Improve?

Welcome to the vocal potential quiz! This super short questionnaire will help me estimate your potential for improvement as a singer while designing a tailored approach that is going to help you become a better singer and reach your goals sooner.

It's important that you answer these simple questions the best you can so that I can work out exactly where you're at as a singer - and how I can help you. 

Lets get started!

Your potential for vocal improvement is 75% - that's excellent news!

Okay, consistency in singing higher notes and maintaining a great tone through the mid-range is your next order of business. You're getting a good grip on the fundamentals and now it's time to take your singing that next step further so you can sing effortlessly in any range.

The intermediate stage that you're approaching as a singer is an absolutely crucial point that requires growth and fine tuning in each fundamental concept such as support, vowels and placement. Building and growing each fundamental in the right way will allow you to move forward with a more advanced and consistent approach - allowing you to sing more challenging songs and move past some of the issues that might have been holding you back along the way. I've put together a special video giving you my own personal experience of moving forward from the point that you're at right now using the #1 most important technique you are ever going to learn as a singer.

After all, if you have BIG DREAMS as a singer, you need a BIG VOICE to match:

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