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Hey! Kegan from Bohemian Vocal Studio here (that's me to the left doing my thing!). I'm serious about helping you become a dynamite singer. SO serious in fact, that I'm willing to put my own time on the line by offering you a free 20 minute Skype with me. Yep, for free. No other voice coach out there of my ilk is offering you their own personal time in this way... But we both know that your voice is magic in the making <- and if you've made it here, you're obviously serious about your goals. And if you're serious, then I'm absolutely serious too. 

Please fill out the short application to give me some background on where you're at as a singer and what help you're looking for - the results will be sent to me after you finish the quiz to consider providing a free 20 minute consult for your singing voice if appropriate where we'll talk about;

  • Technique issues holding you back from your potential
  • Solutions to your issues and 'low lying fruit' in your technique
  • Goalsetting and a blueprint for how to move forward
  • How to approach high notes more easily

There are only 5 consult slots available each month - please take care with your answers to ensure the best chance of receiving one of these limited consult spots.

Talk Soon

- K