Virtual Singing Lessons – The Shocking Reason They DON’T WORK

The Shocking Reason That


Woah, woah – wait a minute, aren’t you an online vocal coach that provides virtual singing lessons?

Isn’t it in your best interest to wax poetic about the joys of virtual singing lessons and how they’re going to ‘change your life’ because I’m absolutely ‘better than everyone else’ and such claptrap?

Well, let me start by pointing out I’m actually an Aussie.

And that my friend, just ain’t how we roll.

We might roll down to the pub, we might ROCK ‘n roll, but we definitely don’t roll out the red carpet for bullshit.

And let’s face it, 98% of the crap you see and hear out there is just marketing noise, right?

Open throat.

Speech level singing.

This guru that says he’s the best.

The other guru who say’s HE’s actually the best.

The third guy who says they’re both crap…. and that HE’s really the best.

The curbing.

The edge.

The “dying cat noise” guy.

It’s just bullshit.

Absolute fucking tripe.

(^ read all of that above with my rather hefty Australia accent for a more humorous take)

But you know what else doesn’t work?

Local singing lessons.

And I would know, because I took ’em.

For years.

I spent over $15,000 on local singing lessons, courses, books and every other oldschool way of learning how to sing, and it did absolutely NOTHING for my singing voice.



Until I realised something super important that EVERY single vocal method out there has in common.

Something you aren’t getting.

Something that I didn’t get when I was throwing money at all those local singing lessons.

Something that is going to change your life as a singer when you finally “click” with it.

Something that they DO actually tell you – but as a set of separate puzzle pieces, not a full picture.

^ Because it keeps you coming back for lessons.

^ It keeps you buying the advanced course.


That’s right.

Just FOUR simple things that every single course out there touches on – but doesn’t tell you how to actually use.

Doesn’t tell you how they fit together.

How they all exist in tandem.

As a team.

A full picture.

A gang.

  • Forward Placement
  • Height In The Vocal Tract
  • “All In One Flow”
  • Tonal Intent

These four fundamentals are absolutely HUGE… and while they might not be super exciting like some marketing term like Curbing, or Open Throat; they are THE key you’ve been looking for to become a spectacular singer.

It’s been under your nose the whole time without your realising.

In fact, EVERY single technique, trick, term, concept out there relates directly to one of these four basic fundamentals.




Ever been told to sing brighter? Yep, that’s Forward Placement.

Ever been told to “yawn before you sing”? Yep, it’s a pretty futile way of getting you to raise the soft palate to create Height In The Vocal Tract.

Ever been told to sing bratty, or passive aggressive, or “younger”, or boyish? Yep, that’s Tonal Intent.

Support? Diaphragmatic Breathing? Compression? Yep – “All In One Flow”

But there’s one more special 5th key that noone tells you about.

And that’s the fact that they all exist in tandem;

Without height in the vocal tract, you can’t achieve forward placement. Without “all in one flow” you won’t benefit from Height In The Vocal Tract.

Again, they’re a team.

A gang.

A system.

So let me show you how to use them;





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