Virtual singing lessons that WORK

Virtual Singing Lessons That WORK

Singing is easy, but learning how to sing can often be a difficult process for many beginners because there are so many different methods and approaches out there, often one contradicting the other. A great place to start is the following virtual singing lessons that will build a strong foundation and set you on the right path to singing success.

Your singing voice is only ever as strong as your foundation, so make sure you set up your posture, diaphragmatic breathing and vocal placement first to ensure your vocal health and ultimately shorten your learning curve towards becoming a great singer.

Top 5 beginner singing lessons

These beginner singing lessons will help you become comfortable and confident with your natural voice and truly set the stage for the extensive range it is possible to build with the right approach. From breathing right through to vowel production and secret tips to help you sing consonant sounds and actual songs, these 5 beginner singing lessons are the ultimate in virtual singing lessons that really work.

#1 – How to sing better with vocal placement

Vocal placement is one of the lynchpins of a healthy voice. Placement is simply the idea of limiting any excess frequencies when you sing so that you can resonate with ease and power while avoiding any vocal cord strain from improper frequency production.

A great place to start with vocal placement is the following placement lesson I’ve put together for you:

As you can see, singing has little to do with the sound that comes out of your mouth and has more to do with sound that resonates and vibrates within the body.

#2 – How to sing better with proper vowel production

In speech, we use pronunciation to form our vowels, but in singing, we actually need to shape the tongue in a specific way while matching a corresponding vocal tract width and frequency band to allow efficient resonance while also creating the ‘illusion’ of the vowel sounds we know as words in singing.

A great place to start with vocal production is your smaller vowel sounds like EE and OO to first create a bridge that connects between your chest and head registers. From there you can build your other wider vowel sounds like AH and AA to ensure that you’re not opening up too much and causing strain or improper frequencies.

#3 – How to sing better with Appoggio

Appoggio is an age-old approach to breath support, literally meaning to support or lean. In essence, Appoggio occurs when you allow your airflow to occur without your ribs collapsing, in essence relying on your posture and diaphragmatic control for all your airflow and air pressure requirements when you sing – especially on high notes!

#4 – How to sing better with Middle Voice

You’ve no doubt heard of Chest or Head Voice, but did you know there is a third honorary register that exists as an extension/connection between these two registers? In essence, Middle Voice is any form of coordination between vocal fold weight (Chest Voice) and vocal fold tension (head voice). Middle voice is one of my favourite topics in singing and was one of the greatest “AHA!” moments when I was first learning to sing, truly allowing me to resonate with ease and power with very little effort through the middle of my range connected well up into the highest register.

#5 – How to sing better using with soft palate singing

The soft palate really serves two functions when you sing, the first being to block airflow from exiting via your nose when you sing a vowel sound, and secondly to alter the resonant space as you ascend in range to make room for higher sound vibration and a connected head register.

Proper soft palate control really should occur when you very first set up your voice with posture and breathing to achieve Appoggio.

If you want more virtual singing lessons to help you sing better, you can use the troubleshooting guide to your right and research any singing topics you may be interested in or any aspects of singing you might be struggling with. Our YouTube channel is packed full of free singing lessons and professional vocal tips that will help you extend your range and power up your singing voice while allowing you to sing with freedom and confidence.

A great place to start is the free foundations short courses available here at which will show you how to support your voice properly with diaphragmatic breathing, vocal placement and proper posture. Then when you’re ready to take your voice to the next level with professional vocal training you can book a Skype Session and we’ll get started building your voice!



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