Understanding Vowel Modification [And How It Can Increase Your Range Like CRAZY]

Understanding Vowel Modification And How It Can


So you want to increase your vocal range.

You want to be a DYNAMITE singer.

Sing like a pro.

Destroy the stage.

And you’ve heard about a little thing called Vowel Modification that is supposed to be the be-all-and-end-all of increasing your high range.

But it’s SUPER confusing.

… And when you think about it, noone has REALLY shown you how to do it.

Sure, they talk about it – but it’s all smoke and mirrors, a huge “secret” that you’ll only get when you buy their course.

And even then it’s still a mystery.

Something that they can do so well, but most likely explain poorlyso it really doesn’t help your singing.

Understanding vowel modification really IS the key to increasing your high range.

Understanding being the caviat.

Sure, you can mangle your vowels and sing a big “OH” through everything all day long – but you’re not actually modifying your vowel properly.

After all, Vowel Modification is the true core of Open Throat Technique.

If you want to increase your range by singing with an Open Throat, then you need to understand vowel modification.

So let me explain.

How To Sing With Vowel Modification

Now, the true key to modifying your vowels is to understand what “vowel” really means in singing.

… And it’s not “A, E, I, O, U” like your speaking voice.

It’s really a formant within your resonance.

Basically, a “ball of frequencies” which allude to the sound of each vowel; AY/EE/OU/AH/AA/OH/OO

So pushing all those weird sounds like LAW and HOOK out of your mouth as hard as you can to try to “take your chest voice higher” is really the antithesis of how vowel modification actually works; altering your resonant space to manage your register overtones.

So, we really end up with different formants within each vowel for each register – and the way we achieve this is by changing the size, shape and setup of our vowel sound within the vocal tract to ‘ping’ each sound with the most effective, effortless and POWERFUL resonance.

If you’re trying to drag your vowels as high as possible, then clutching to the idea you can modify the sound to squeeze a few more notes out of your chest voice – you’re sorely mistaken.

Well, your VOICE is probably just sore – because that’s really not how singing works.

ESPECIALLY when it comes to effortless, powerful rock singing.

Let me show you the true key to singing rock, metal and powerful styles;

If you watched the video above, you’ll notice that with each Tonal Intent I’ve cycled through to achieve an effortlessly fluid and powerful range from top to bottom – I’m also modifying my vowels;


Repeat again after me;


This is now your mantra as a singer.

If you’d like a leg-up in the world of singing, Dr. Rock has the exact prescription you’re looking for;

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#3 – Vowel Modification Cheat Sheet

This is what you’ve been waiting for – but noone else is ever going to show you.

Modifying your vowels is the key to extending your range in full voice with no vocal breaks, no flipping to head voice, no weakness and no strain – so it makes sense that most vocal coaches keep this powerful information close to their chest and are quite careful about how and who they share this with.

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