Top tips on how to sing in 2018

Tips on how to sing in 2018

Learning how to sing doesn’t have to be so difficult, stressful or even expensive! With these tips on how to sing, you’ll be breathing better, resonating with more power and soaring through your range in no time!

#1 Tips on how to sing better – Breathe using the diaphragm

The diaphragm – engage, engage, engage! To sing properly and make the best use of your airflow, you need to breathe using your diaphragm. Most of us use the top 10-20% of our lung capacity when we’re talking normally, the trick to learning how to sing better comes with proper diaphragmatic control – breathe low, breathe in a controlled manner and make sure your not expelling the air with your ribs or chest when you exhale! I’ve been over this in detail quite a few times on my YouTube channel – I’ll leave you a link down below.

#2 Tips on how to sing better – Sing with resonance

Sing with RESONANCE, not ‘breathiness’ – try it yourself by ‘holding’ your air in rather than pushing it in when you start singing. Can you feel a light, but definite buzz somewhere in your head or nose? Congratulations, that’s resonance – the cornerstone of a powerful singing voice! You can build resonance by developing your placement and of course with #3 which is…

#3 Tips on how to sing better – Learn the proper vowels

I get it, we all have different voices and different accents – but did you know there are SPECIFIC vowel sounds that we ALL need to learn how to use before our voices will open up properly and let us access our high range? Whoever knew! It’s pretty simple – think of an Italian sound when you practice (don’t worry, you won’t actually sound operatic when you’re singing!), like “AH” and “EH” rather than accent specific sounds (ie: the way I would say “love” with an Aussie accent is a no-go for singing!). I’ve also been over this on my YouTube channel recently:

#4 Tips on how to sing better – learn who holds the KEY to your voice

Which course? Which coach? Which approach? Which technique? I’ll be honest with you – none of these things (not even me!) holds the key to your voice… YOU are the only one who holds the true key to releasing your voice – you simply need to find the right information, put forward to you in a way that is right… for you!¬†You should run screaming from anyone selling a course/lessons that says otherwise. I went to at least TEN different vocal coaches and bought the ‘top’ singing courses throughout the years and spent thousands of dollars and tens of thousands of HOURS trying to learn the simplest of technique – it was ONE single hour session with a vocal coach who put it all into perspective with my voice rather than funky marketing terms and ‘secret’ technique, from there the years and years of work I had been doing FINALLY amounted to something, and I FINALLY started to understand why nothing else was working!

Are you ready to grab the key to your voice BACK? Do you want more tips on how to sing better, and a personalised professional plan that is PROVEN to help build range and power in your voice? Book a session with¬† me today and I’ll show you how to build a powerful and extensive vocal range!

Feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!

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