Tonal Intent

The 4-step tonal registration system that works every. single. time.
even if you've tried before - and failed!

What if I told you there was a secret vocal key that all great rock singers are using to master their high range and tie each of their registers together as 'one voice' from their lowest to highest note? Watch the video below to learn how to do it right now:

Was this training video helpful and practical? I've put aside some time in my calendar to meet with you over Skype to discuss your goals as a singer and all the questions you have about singing with tonal intent. Hit the button below to book your free 20 minute consult with me.

Update: There are less than 3 free consult spots remaining for September


Now, before you hit that button above and take up both of our valuable time, I want to ask you a couple of important questions. Is your singing ability suffering from any of these symptoms;

  • You're unsure whether your voice really has what it takes
  • Some days your voice is great, and other days it's awful
  • You bought "such and such" vocal course in the past, but you just didn't get any better
  • You wonder whether some people just "have it" and maybe you just don't "have it"
  • Sometimes you even hate singing - it's SO hard, and SO frustrating
  • Maybe it's just because I'm a baritone/female/Aussie/short/old/young/(insert any other reason)
  • You used to sing really well, but now you can't seem to do it anymore

Very serious questions.

I want to you answer them out loud - "Yes, Kegan, I'm unsure whether my voice has what it takes" and "Totally dude, I love singing.... but sometimes I just HATE it too".

And do you want to know the cause of absolutely every single of these issues that has been holding you back?

Self Doubt

And the cause of that self doubt is a kink in your technique.

Probably not a big kink either.

Because you're not using the Tonal Intent blueprint we discussed in the video above - you're literally UNSURE whether your high notes are going to be there or not one minute from the next.

^ Instant self doubt.

And completely understandable too. When you worked through that old guru course you probably paid way too much for, and you were going through lip trills and slides like a madman - were you applying the cry tonality through your third vowel overtone to engage the CT muscle? Did you contract the pharynx using the witchy tone as a bridge from your upper mix into your head voice? Did you start light but bright in your chest voice instead of booming through it like Barry White after a hard night of drinking? Are you transitioning from chest voice to 'classroom voice' around your first break to engage your mixed register - or just trying to carry as much chest voice as possible as HIGH as possible?

The reason you've been finding all of this frustrating, even if you're just a beginner who is feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the different techniques and tricks and terms out there - is because you don't have a blueprint for your voice, a "roadmap" of where to use each of these techniques, when to use them and how they fit together.

And it's high time someone gave that to you - because your voice deserves it.

Once you have that blueprint in place, the roadmap to your voice, you will never again have even the slightest doubt that your high notes will be there; because you know the tone/vowel/space/placement/balance/support to go for on those notes because you learned it in the blueprint that I designed for your voice.

This isn't a singing course where you do five sets of lip trills and "hey presto!" you magically expect to get better somehow - this is an opportunity to meet with me in person where I will show you the blueprint to your voice so you finally understand the inner workings of that magnificent instrument you've been struggling so hard to learn - your singing voice.

^ If this is you in a nutshell, you absolutely must hit the link below to book your free blueprint consult with me right now before they're all taken. In our free 20 minute consult, I'll share my magic blueprint for nailing high notes EVERY TIME you sing for the rest of your life, we'll discuss your ultimate goal as a singer - and I'll show you how to finally take that next step forward to making it a reality.

Update: There are less than 3 free consult spots remaining for September

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