The TOP singing coach online

The TOP singing coach online

Since 2010, Bohemian Vocal Studio has been coaching students all around the world how to sing BETTER and power up their singing voice so they can sing higher than ever before. Having grown into the premier online singing studio for POWERFUL rock singing lessons, BVS has become synonymous with GREAT singing and practical coaching.

With online singing lessons with Kegan at Bohemian Vocal Studio, you can rest assured that you will be taught only the BEST proper singing techniques and meet with the top voice coach worldwide. Experienced with all manner of accents and voice types, Kegan’s specialty is working with ‘difficult’ vocal ranges and troubleshooting problem accents that other voice coaches and even the top singing courses simply don’t cater to or consider.

Not only will you meet with the TOP vocal coach providing rock singing lessons online, you’ll also recieve ongoing feedback and personal coaching from Kegan between each of your sessions, and have access to hundreds of practical singing tutorials and tips on our YouTube channel and here at the BVS website.

Along with becoming one of the top online singing websites for online singing lessons, Bohemian Vocal Studio reaches students all around the globe each week, from Eastern Europe, right across to America, Asia and Australia – no matter where you live, you really CAN meet with the best vocal coach from one of the top online singing websites in the world!

What will I learn in online singing lessons?

As your professional singing coach online, I’ll not only show you how to build a strong foundation with proper singing posture, diaphragmatic breathing and of course vocal placement – I’ll also show you how to increase your vocal range and how to sing higher than ever before by tuning your individual resonance and teaching you how to control your vocal registers and master your vowels – all while building on the fundamental concept of how to sing in mix voice.

  • Build a powerful MIX voice
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • Vocal placement
  • Tune your vowels
  • Shape your vowels the RIGHT way
  • Learn how to resonate correctly
  • Increase your range
  • Improve your tone
  • Learn ANY song!
  • So much more…

What do I need for online singing lessons?

Online singing lessons are SUPER easy, all you need is a basic PC/laptop or even your smartphone, with a reliable internet connection – that’s it! You can simply download the free SKYPE app and I’ll call you at the time of your lesson, it really IS that easy to meet with the TOP rock vocal coach worldwide.

To book singing lessons online with BVS, you can sign into the booking calendar, purchase a session length of your choosing and then lock in an available session time at your convenience.

I’m often told by my students that online singing lessons with me here at BVS are just like local singing lessons, except you get to meet with the best vocal coach from one of the top online singing websites worldwide. I’ve even been told that online singing lessons are like a “Live” YouTube singing tutorial where you can ask questions and gain feedback in real time!

Private singing lessons with Kegan at Bohemian Vocal Studio ensures that you recieve the best proper singing techniques available – learn how to sing in mix voice and learn how to sing with Vibrato in easy to follow, practical professional singing lessons here at BVS.

Do you provide beginners singing lessons?

Along with coaching touring professionals and students who have gone on to perform on The Voice and Idol, students who have gone on to star in stage productions of Rock of Ages, Shrek, Fiddler on the roof and The Producers and of course Rock singers who have made records professionally with their own bands – Kegan at Bohemian Vocal Studio also provides beginner singing lessons and voice coaching to singers with ANY level of vocal technique, from complete beginners to touring professionals with years of experience.

What if I have a bad singing voice? That’s what professional singing lessons are for! Don’t be shy, I myself was once a complete beginner with less than an octave of singing range – I now coach singing professionally and reach hundreds of students each month all around the world with online singing lessons.

Can you teach me how to sing ROCK? Rock ‘n Roll is my middle name…. well, not really. I’m a “rock guy” at heart and have a passion for coaching students who love singers like Chris Cornell, Robert Plant, Paul Rodgers and Myles Kennedy – if you want to sing ROCK, then you’ve come to the right place! Bohemian Vocal Studio specialises in Rock Singing lessons and can coach you how to sing ANY style of music.

What about Pop and R’nB? Great singing is great singing – and great singing requires GREAT vocal technique, which is what I teach here at Bohemian Vocal Studio. If you love to sing POP or R’nB, Blues, Metal or even Folk – your voice will benefit from online singing lessons here at BVS.

Get a good singing voice today!

If you’re searching for the secret to get good singing voice, then Bohemian Vocal Studio is the answer. Reaching students all around the world each week through online singing lessons, Kegan at BVS can teach you how to sing higher and sing with POWER no matter your accent, voice type or whether you THINK you have a bad singing voice – it’s all down to proper singing techniques and professional singing lessons.

If you’re ready to power up your singing voice and learn from a professional voice coach at one of the top online singing websites with years experiencing teaching every style of music and coaching students from all walks of life, you can book online singing lessons with me today and I’ll show you how to get a good singing voice, sing higher than ever before and sing with POWER!

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