The Secret To Building a 4-Octave Vocal Range

The Secret To Building a 4-Octave Vocal Range Without  Pushing, Straining or Reaching.

So you want to become a great singer, and you've tried and tried and tried to increase your range and reach those heights without straining; but it just seems damn impossible, right?

Maybe the headline above sounds a bit sensational, but I recently worked out my full, useable vocal range from my lowest to my highest connected note in full voice - and yep, it's Four full octaves from B1 to B5 with a bit of wiggle room on either end.

It's a serious amount of range.

Even I'm shocked... well, not really - but seeing it written down on paper in that way just makes it seem that much more intense. 

What the hell do you even DO with four octaves?

(I can think of a few things!)

Now, you're probably thinking "oh god no, another one of those marketing pages?" but I'm actually going to share a proven vocal plan with you in a moment (yep, completely free) which is going to show you exactly how I built all the crazy range I now enjoy, from the 'natural' low range in the Mark Lanegan cover you'll see below to my own original music with the Dead Spirit Communion band where I'm really challenging the limits of my upper range, distortion and intensity as a singer. You can check 'em both out below to see the kind of range I've built with the simple approach I'm about to share with you.

I already know what you're probably thinking, either "Oh, but you're just a natural" and "Yeah, but how does that help ME sing better?" and I'm here to tell you that no, I absolutely was not a natural. I actually struggled for years and years with strain and tension - and the "Before and After" I'm going to share with you in a moment proves one important fact; When I started learning how to sing, I absolutely sucked.

There, I said it - my voice just sucked, I was a bad singer and no, I absolutely was not a natural.

The voice I now enjoy is the product of hard work, dedication and a special set of tools which I'm actually going to give you in a minute.

If I had a dollar for every show I did in my 20's before I worked all this out where someone came up to me asking when we were going to "find a real singer" or asking me "if I had a cold", or asking me if I "had vocal damage" or even "why we didn't just cancel the show if the lead singer couldn't make it" (This was literally a question I was asked... I WAS the lead singer!) - well, we probably wouldn't be having this conversion.

But these are just some of the hundreds of incredible reviews and comments my singing gets now that I've mastered the simple skills I'm about to give you;

So how did a guy like me, with a considerably LOW voice naturally build so much damn range, and why are you only hearing about me now?

Let me introduce myself and tell you a little about my background as a singer.

Hi - I'm Kegan from Bohemian Vocal Studio; yes, I'm actually a real person that you can contact and speak with, and yes, I do absolutely everything here at and do all the teaching on my own as well as producing and recording everything for DSC myself.

Oh yeah, I'm also the guy you just saw in the videos above singing like a Pro! 

If you haven't heard of me before, that's totally okay - I've actually been teaching singing professionally since 2010, and I took this whole thing online in 2014 and it's been steadily growing since - but, I don't just work with 'anyone', I keep things pretty niche and selective and my calendar fills up pretty fast in advance with those who are serious about becoming better singers.

Now, if you're wondering "with a voice like that - why aren't you absolutely EVERYWHERE dude??"

And that's really because I'm not one of those people that says "anyone can sing!" or "I'll teach you to sing in 30 days or less!" - so I'm not really out there on YouTube doing BS videos about how I'm the greatest, or how my method is the only one that works; I'm actually a working musician first and foremost (actually, I'm a Husband and Father first!) and I'm super busy in the studio with Dead Spirit Communion much of my time when I'm not teaching. The first album came out in 2019, and through 2020 I've been steadily piecing together the second record which at the time I'm writing this, is about 80% done - I've also been peppering some covers out there along the way too, which if you want to do them properly, they can take a lot of time and preparation to get right.

Now, the reason I don't just go marketing crazy and make wild claims like "Sing better in 30 days!" or "Anyone can sing!" is because I'm a realist at heart.

This approach isn't for everyone.

My approach takes time, dedication and practice.

This approach WORKS - but only if you are seriously dedicated to becoming a better singer.

And do you want to know exactly how I know it works?

Because it's the approach I use myself.

My students use it.

And more tellingly - Other singing teachers are using it too.

In fact, much of my student base is actually made up of singing teachers looking to better their own voices and ability to help their students - some of them even have more subscribers than me on YouTube... even though I'm the one that taught them in the first place!

I'm not saying this to try and impress you, or say I'm the best, or say I'm the first, or that they owe me anything, I'm just trying to point out the facts that this little known, niche approach to singing works better than almost anything else out there - and I don't say that lightly because there's a TON of great courses and vocal programs out there; I would know, because I tried many of them when I was learning how to sing and this is the only thing that actually showed REAL growth, REAL progress and gave me REAL singing ability.

But don't just take my word for it;

One of Russia's BEST voice coaches Ivan Radkov says that "Bohemian Vocal Studio is the only vocal school I trust 100%" and my studio is regularly ranked in top 10 lists next to courses and lessons by Christina Aguilera, Roger Love and many of the top, most popular singing studios, teachers and courses as "One of the best Vocal Channels out there"

My videos are actually some of the most comprehensive teaching materials that you're going to find for free online, like this video on The Four Vocal Fundamentals which has more depth and practical information in a ten minute video than some paid courses out there:

Sure, sure - you've heard about placement before, you once had a guy tell you to yawn before you sing and you've tried mixed voice before; so after all this, what IS the true secret to building a 4 octave range, and where did you start?

Well, the first thing I discovered about my voice when I first started learning how to sing is that I'm definitely not a natural.

Does that mean that I can't be a good singer? Obviously not - I've proven otherwise.

Does that mean that my range is limited? Of course not - did you check out the DSC clip above?

Aren't you just a Tenor then? Nope, certified baritone, my lowest consistent, resonant note is a B1 - did you check out the Mark Lanegan cover above?

Now, to help hammer home my point about the possibilities for your voice, whether you want one more octave, or a better tone, or FOUR more octaves, or to sing on the voice, or to sing for an established band - I need to tell you something that I hear absolutely every day as a singing teacher, and something that I used to say to myself almost every time I sang - and something I would never, ever, in a million years ever say again myself;

"My Voice Is Different - This Isn't Going To Work For Me"

Seriously, this was my mantra through so many years of failed singing auditions, so many wasted singing lessons, so many courses I bought - ultimately, we're hard wired to look for 'reasons' rather than 'solutions', I believe it's officially called Confirmation Bias, which I spoke about recently.

And I had an excuse for everything.

Can't sing an E4? That's because I'm a baritone. Hoarse after a show? I just left everything on stage for the crowd. Bad review? They just don't understand my special voice! My tone sucks? That's just what a baritone sounds like in this range... and so forth.

I hate to break it to you, and this probably isn't the diplomacy you might know me for - but your voice isn't special.

My voice isn't special.

Aretha Franklin's voice wasn't special.

Adele's voice isn't special.

Chris Cornell's voice wasn't special.

(I can almost see the rage swelling in your face...)

Just in the same way your hands are just the same as my hands, and your hands are just like Slash's hands, and just like Jimmy Page's hands.

Sure, there's minute differences, mainly aesthetic differences and some acoustic differences when it comes to the voice - but the voice works the same.

Air. Vibration. Resonance.

That's IT.

Seriously, there's no special cord you have to pull, or muscle you need to build, or tendon you have to flex; you just need to master airflow, vibration and resonance and you're THERE my friend.

And excuse me for asking, but ARE you a master of airflow? A master of vibration? A master of resonance?

I'm going to guess you didn't really have to think much before you said a sheepish "well, no" to at least one of these.

And here lies the issue you're experiencing as a singer - your foundation sucks.

Don't get upset, my foundation used to suck as well - it just comes with the fact that we're not really 'natural' singers who already have a pretty good grasp on the fundamentals we just spoke about.

At this stage, you're probably expecting me to try to sell you a copy of my Foundation 101 singing course or direct you to another tutorial on vocal Foundation; but I want to share the TRUE secret to becoming a great singer. 

In fact, becoming great at anything.


Serious, Self-Reflective, Organised Goal Setting Over the Short, Medium and Long Term.

Wait - but you already have "goals", right?

You want to become the world's greatest singer.

No, not "that" kind of goal, like a dream - I mean serious, tangible, actionable goals like mastering a lip trill in the short term, to help you manage airflow in the medium term to ultimately allow you to sing specific songs and styles.

I mean like mastering Vowel Modification in the short term so you can extend your range over the medium term to ultimately wail like a banshee as your long term goal.

Improving your resonance and vowels in the short term so that you can improve your tone as a whole in the mid term so you can meet your goal of singing soul or blues as your ultimate goal.

Actionable is really the key word here.

Whatever your "Pipe Dream" goal is should really be made up of short, medium and long term tangible, actionable goals that you can meet and work towards along the way.


Short Term
Medium Term
Long Term

What Was Your Goal?

Honestly, I just wanted to be able to get through a show without spitting blood, going hoarse and ultimately sounding bad - which I totally did, all the time at every show.

This simple goal of not blowing out my voice forced me to lay out a serious of more actionable goals in the short through long term that helped me realise I was totally using my voice the wrong way completely, and that I really hadn't discovered my true voice at all; even after taking singing lessons over many years.

Learning that there was an easier way, a safer way, a repeatable way, a better way to sing that also had the benefit of opening up a ridiculous amount of vocal range, tone, power and freedom in my singing has been the true key to building a 4 octave singing range; setting goals, meeting them, then setting new goals, meeting them, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat.

At This Point, You've Really Got TWO Choices

Option 1) You're on the fence. 

You're probably thinking: "What's this guy even talking about? Who is he? Why did I read this far? Is he for real? Does he expect me to believe all of this??" 

And the kicker: "My Voice Is Different, and This Isn't Going To Work For Me."

See what I did there? You were already thinking something like that - right?

At this point, you could react to that little zinger by clicking off this page, going back to your google search and trawling through a ton of "how to sing like" tutorials on google, maybe even find a slightly amusing one that tickles your fancy and gets you a bit excited like you've been time and time again, maybe it's an email, or facebook post somewhere, but is ultimately useless at helping you sing better at the end of the day - and after clearing your cache a few days later our little dalliance here together will be over and long forgotten.

Weeks will go by, months will go by - and instead of building a serious amount of vocal range and building the better voice we BOTH know that you're capable of, and that I'm trying to GIVE to you right now; you're still going to be spinning your wheels and watching "voice coach reacts" videos on YouTube wondering about what could have been while nursing a sore throat and bruised dreams.

And to me, that's just a tragedy.

Especially since you're essentially one click away from becoming a better singer.

Please don't let this be you.

Option 2) You take action and invest in building a Rock Solid vocal foundation with the Foundation 101 singing course. In fact, I'll even throw in the advanced level Growth course as well for just a few extra bucks than what Foundation 101 usually costs on it's own - up until now, the advanced Growth course has only been made available to students that I selectively choose to work with, and who have been through the Foundation 101 course first; proving to me that they're not just going to waste my time - but we both know that you're absolutely serious because you've read this far and watched the videos along the way.

And just a few days, weeks and months of practice and dedication away - you're likely going to see more range than you've ever dreamed of, or at the very least you'll be a very long way past the point that you're at right now - and right now, you're probably wondering whether you even have what it takes to be a good singer in the first place, right? Believe me - the only thing that's going to hold you back is if you don't take action.

You buy the course. You get to work right away with the actionable goal of building a rock solid foundation for your voice and you double your vocal range, power and start reaching your full potential as a singer.

Now I'm not saying this is an easy fix - there's a reason that I'm selective about who I work with, and especially when it comes to how I've shared the Growth 101 course in the past to only those who've worked through the Foundation course first. 

It takes work.

It takes dedication.

It takes actionable goals.

But you're ready for that, aren't you? It's time to stop dreaming and start actually SINGING.

You can invest in your voice by building a Rock Solid Foundation using the link below to buy the Foundation/Growth pack:



Hit this button to select your Foundation 101 Vocal Course Pack.

But what if you've still got questions - you know my voice is for real, you've seen the 'Four Fundamentals' video and can tell I'm actually a legitimate singing teacher with many years experience and you learned an absolute boat load about how to sing better, yet you're still on the fence.

Is there an Option 3) ?

You're serious, but not THAT serious - and that's okay. 

Remember how I promised to share a proven vocal plan with you that will take all the guesswork outta this whole thing for you?

We're about to go all twilight zone as I share the THIRD door with you.

Now, you know I'm super selective about who I work with as I just don't have time for time wasters and tyre-kickers, especially with a half finished album, a calendar full of students already and a super demanding 9-month old pulling at my Iron Maiden shirt every 15 minutes trying to get my attention (actually, sometimes that's my Wife), so if you're absolutely 100% serious about joining the vocal plan, you're going to need to watch this video below all the way through to sign up for the vocal plan.

I know, I'm already setting goals for you and making you work for it - it's just how I roll.

If you want to join the vocal plan, and you want to see a "before and after" of my own singing voice along with the #1 most important technique you're EVER going to learn as a singer (you're really not going to learn this in a YouTube video or google post, at least not in such a comprehensive way), then watch the video below all the way through, then you can sign up for the vocal plan below.

You can sign up to the vocal plan below:

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