The secret to mixed voice singing

The secret to mixed voice singing

We’ve all heard of “Chest Voice” and “Head Voice” – it’s easy to flip up from a heavy voice into a light voice for most people; but what about MIXED voice singing? Learning how to sing in MIXED voice will allow you to sing through your voice breaks with power and connection – vocal break exercises involving mixed/middle voice are the most effective way to connect your registers and do away with those pesky voice breaks.

Mixed Voice Singing is simple a different coordination for your vocal chords rather than “Full Length” or “Fully Shortened” – instead, your vocal chords “zip up” between these two registers and keep a connected, full resonance that bypasses your voice break and allows you to sing powerfully into your high range.

Here’s a few simple ways to build middle voice:

Projection – An excellent  way to develop mixed voice singing is to “project” your voice from afar as you reach your voice breaks, allowing your chords to ‘zip up’ rather than FORCING them to lock into the chest voice coordination.

Classroom Voice – If you imagine trying to get the attention of the back-row of kids in a classroom, in a pleasant but assertive voice (you can’t YELL at them, nor can you whisper!), you’ll actually find a powerful tone that sits in your upper middle range. Classroom voice is my personal favourite way to demonstrate mixed voice singing to my students.

I’ve put together a super simple tutorial on building a mixed voice singing register with ease:

By connecting your chest voice and head voice with mixed voice singing, you are essentially opening up your vocal palate to a whole new range of colors and registers – allowing you to sing almost ANYTHING you could even want, or need to sing!

Are you a master of mixed voice singing? If you’re ready to POWER UP your middle voice and fix those voice breaks once and for all, you can book a session with me now and I’ll show you how it’s done!

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