The Key To All Great Rock Singing [Tonal Intent]

Mastering The Art Of Tonal Intent Is


You’ve seen and heard boring singing tricks and tips like yawning, smiling, supporting so many times that you’re just about sick of it.

After all – you’ve tried ’em, and they just don’t work.

Sure, you get how important diaphragmatic support is when you sing – but it just goes wrong for you.

It hurts.

It makes you strain.

It sounds terrible.

It definitely doesn’t help you sing high notes any easier, that’s for sure.

And that’s because of one key ingredient that’s been left out of the recipe;

Tonal Intent.

Seriously, this is THE big difference between a ‘natural’ singer who just ‘gets’ all of this stuff and sounds great without much work – and the rest of us who really have to work for it.

Watch this video to learn how to improve your singing voice with Tonal Intent right now:

When it comes to ROCK singing in particular, nailing tonal intent to coordinate your vocal folds for the most powerful and efficient resonance is the true key.

Not only will these four tonal shifts throughout the voice help you build an INSANE vocal range, they will help you master the art of actually using that crazy range in real songs; which is what you’re really doing here, right? You don’t care about lip trills or vocal exercises – you just want to sing real songs better, easier and more powerfully.

If you’ve read this far, and you watched the video above – you must really be serious about this whole singing thing.

So I want to help you along by give you a little something extra to help you get started.

In fact, a whole LOT extra.

Something HUGE.

All my training materials, all in one place – for free.

#1 – Mastering The Art of Singing

This guide is amazing.

Seriously amazing.

There’s more technique, training, insight and knowledge in this one little guide than in many paid training courses – and I’m simply giving it to you for free.

#2 – Vocal Quick Start Guide

I get it, there’s a lot of techniques and concepts to learn all at once in the masters guide, so here’s a footnote summary of everything you need to do to get started today, and how to do it.

If you’re confused about how to get started, or you’re having trouble pulling the trigger on a vocal approach, this guide is now your go-to manual for how to become a better singer.

#3 – Vowel Modification Cheat Sheet

This is what you’ve been waiting for – but noone else is ever going to show you.

Modifying your vowels is the key to extending your range in full voice with no vocal breaks, no flipping to head voice, no weakness and no strain – so it makes sense that most vocal coaches keep this powerful information close to their chest and are quite careful about how and who they share this with.

And I’m going to show you exactly how to do it in this vowel modification cheat sheet – again, completely free.

#4 – Invitation to special Vowel Modification Q&A

Phew! You’re really getting the works here.

Along with the incredible training guides I’m sharing with you, I’m also going to go out on a limb and invite you to my special Vowel Modification Q&A Training Session.

If you’ve got questions about how to sing vowels correctly – this Q&A has the answers.

Add your details below to receive the Mastering The Art of Singing, Vowel Modification Cheat Sheet and Vocal Quick Start guides and an invitation to my special Vowel Modification Q&A Training Session.

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