The Four Vocal Fundamentals Vocal Plan

You might be surprised to learn that EVERY single technique, trick, term and concept out there relates to one of these four simple Vocal Fundamentals;

  • Height In The Vocal Tract
  • Forward Placement
  • "All In One Flow"
  • Mixed Tonality

Watch the video above to see me explain how, when and why to use each of these powerful fundamentals.

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30 Day "Risk Free Vocal Growth Guarantee"

I'm SO serious about your growth as a singer that I'm willing to put my guarantee where my mouth is with a 30 Day Risk Free Guarantee - this is ONLY available on the "Foundation/Growth/Session" pack and not on the single course packs or sessions themselves.

If we're talking intrinsic value, then each course is worth around three months of weekly Skype coaching sessions with me each, so something like $1,440 per course, plus the extra Skype lesson thrown in for good measure at $120 USD.

Foundation 101 - Valued at $1,440 USD

Growth 101 - Valued at $1,440 USD

Skype Session - Valued at $120 USD

Total - $3,000 USD

If you follow my instructions to the letter, book your session with me and you haven't seen the slightest improvement, zilch growth within 30 days and you see no value in what you've learned; I'll refund you the cost of the courses (minus the cost of the Skype session).

It's that simple.

One better than that, I'm completely obliterating my profit margin by slashing the price of the Foundation/Growth/Session pack until all remaining Skype coaching spots are filled for May, 2021

$3,000 USD $349 USD

Now, at this rate - that's barely enough to cover what I spend on hosting this site plus internet and studio costs for our session together; not to mention the tens of thousands of dollars that I've personally spent on learning how to sing myself, and the years (oh the YEARS!) of practice, practice, practice that it's taken to get to this point.

So honestly, I can't keep it at this rate for much longer - and if I didn't believe that it was possible for you to see REAL growth in your singing in 30 days, I wouldn't give you this insane deal with such a CRAZY offer.

You can read the full terms and conditions/FAQ for the 30 day Guarantee here.



You're at the crossroads.

It's time for the blue pill, or the red pill.

It's the crux.

It's "Do or Die" so to speak.

It's time to make or break.

You're ready to make SERIOUS progress with your singing - you know it, and I know it.

You can either move forward, take the next step, make a small investment in your voice for MASSIVE returns - GUARANTEED returns;

Or you can walk back out the door, "take the red pill" and forget all about the insane vocal range you know that I can help you build. Forget the incredible singing ability that you've been dying to master. Don't even mention the freedom, the power and the professional tone you've been working so hard towards.

And as of today, May 11, there's less than 10 calendar spots left before the pack sale ends and we move to a price more fitting with the intense value you get from the Foundation 101 course, the Growth 101 course AND a Skype session with me.

The Foundation/Growth/Session pack, valued at over $3,000 dollars - is only at these "2010 rates" until my calendar fills for the month.

Foundation 101
$1,440 USD

  • Posture & Breathing
  • The Four Vocal Fundamentals
  • AH Based Vowel Shapes
  • EE & OO Pharyngeal Resonance
  • Connect Chest and Head Voice
  • Vocal Placement
  • Mixed Voice
  • The "Informative Stage" 30 minute training video
  • The "Practical Stage" 30 minute training video
  • Access to the Mixed Voice Q&A Singing Group

Growth 101
$1,440 USD

  • Posture & Breathing Vowel Modification
  • Developing Head Voice
  • Advanced chest/head Connection
  • Vocal Compression
  • Consonant Grouping (sing ANY consonant sound with ease!)
  • Vowel placement training guide
  • "Beast Level" training scales and exercises
  • The "Informative Stage" 30 minute training video
  • The "Practical Stage" 30 minute training video
  • Access to the Growth 101 Q&A Singing Group

+ For a limited time the Bonus "Consonant Bootcamp"

Skype Session
$120 USD

  • Personalised training session with Kegan
  • Appraisal of your technique, vocal health and goals
  • Goalsetting & Planning
  • Store session notes & applicable song "Lead Sheets" in Skype for future sessions
  • Record your session
  • Get help with specific techniques
  • Get help with specific songs
  • Technique, song and style demonstrations
  • Get ahead of the queue by booking your session weeks in advance
  • Tailored warmups and exercises
  • Email and message support after the session

Foundation 101 + Growth 101 + Skype Session Pack

$3,000 USD $349 USD

I never thought I'd be able to develop a powerful and effortless voice for rock and metal, but after taking regular lessons with Kegan, I've not only met, but surpassed my expectations and goals.


Vocal Student

It's a 1000% brilliant vocal method.
Kegan's training also helps me as a Voice Coach.


Voice Coach

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