The Four Singing Basics That EVERY Singer Needs

The Four Singing Basics That EVERY Singer Needs

Diaphragmatic breathing, vowel modification, masque, glottal compression, the TA and CT muscles, Mixed Voice, Cry, Twang, Edge…

Learning how to sing can be a total nightmare, right?

What if told you that every single one of these techniques, terms and tricks (and every single other technique, exercise and term out there) is actually just a way to achieve one of the FOUR vocal basics that every single great singer is using… and every bad singer is getting wrong every single time they sing.

In short, there are just FOUR simple things that you need to do to become a powerhouse singer, which I’ve come to affectionately call The Four Vocal Fundamentals

  • Height In The Vocal Tract
  • Forward Placement
  • All In One Flow
  • Mixed Tonality

A great example of this is Vowel Modification – where we alter the size and shape of the vocal tract to make better use of our vowel and register overtones by raising the soft palate to achieve height in the vocal tract.

You saw that one coming, right?

How about Edge, Twang and Brightness? Again, these are simply tools to help you achieve a forward placement when you sing.

So if you’re feeling confused and frustrated at all the terms, tricks and tips out there that people are selling as “the secret” to great singing; there’s actually a MUCH easier and quicker way to learn how to sing:

Master The Four Vocal Fundamentals.

That’s right – I’m not going to crack out the aggressive marketing terms or tell you “the answer is in my course” or that I’m “Better than everyone else”, I’m just going to SHOW you how to become a better singer by mastering The Four Vocal Fundamentals.

Master The Four Vocal Fundamentals

To help you become a better singer by mastering The Four Vocal Fundamentals, I’ve designed this incredibly practical tutorial that covers not only WHAT each of the fundamentals are, but also HOW to achieve them;

I wasn’t personally a “natural” singer. I strained, struggled and pushed my way through almost ten years of wasted singing lessons and courses with the attitude that I was just a bad singer and nothing could fix my terrible voice.

That is, until I was shown these four simple rules for better singer;

  • Raise The Soft Palate
  • Sing “Forward”
  • Consistent airflow
  • Mixed Voice

Seriously, it really IS that easy to become a spectacular singer, and better than just telling you over and over just how great it is to sing with such effortless freedom, power and range, let me show you just how much my singing has GROWN since I started focusing my attention on these four simple vocal basics;

Isn’t it time you Mastered The Four Vocal Fundamentals? Let me show you how in this exclusive Vocal Fundamentals singing lesson where I’ll take you through each and every one of The Four Vocal Fundamentals and actually SHOW you how to become a better singer!

I Want To Start Singing Better NOW!



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