The fastest range-exploding secrets known to man


Woah now – “explode” is a bit dramatic, right?

Expand. Grow. Increase.

^ But these are boring.

And what I’m about to share with you is definitely NOT….. boring.

In fact, this might just be THE most exciting thing you’ve ever read/watched/learned about singing in your whole life.

And this tip goes against everything you’ve ever seen on YouTube, and goes against all the advice that everyone else out there is parroting.

“The secret is in MY Open Throat technique!”

“The answer is in MY course!”

“I’M the best coach out there!”

“Look at ME sing”

Are you picking up the pattern?

They’re all about themselves. Self indulgent me-me-me-me-me.

And that’s the advice that they give to you – completely self indulgent with their own interests in mind.

Either selling you their overpriced course (that doesn’t actually have any answers in it), selling you a bunch of overpriced lessons where… you guessed it – you learn absolutely nothing, or even worse just trying to drum up views and likes on YouTube so that rake in those google advertising dollars.

It’s actually in their best interest for you to have issues and to continue to struggle.

If there’s no struggling singers left, then they’re outta luck and outta business.

You might wonder why I’m so passionate and firey about this subject – and it’s because I personally spent over 10 years learning from so called experts like that that didn’t help me sing higher notes, didn’t help me with my goals – and oh yeah, also fleeced me out of some $15,000 dollars along the way.

It still hurts.


And it’s really one of the reasons that I became a voice teacher in the first place – when I finally worked all of this stuff out, it was just so SIMPLE that I absolutely had to start sharing it, unbiased, unfiltered, just stright-up as only an Aussie can do.

And we’re going to start with a BIG one – how to build an absolutely insane amount of vocal range.

More range than you’re ever going to know what to do with.

Oh yeah, and it’s FAST.

All you’ve gotta do is watch the video below to learn my simple 4 step process for building an offensive amount of vocal range:

Oh yeah, at the end of the video I mentioned a link to download all of my training materials for free.

But I’m going to do one better than that by sharing an extra special new video with you that is NOT available anywhere else – only here on the website by clicking this link: Big Dreams? You need a BIG VOICE to match [VIDEO]

Hit that link above like your life depends on it.

Because your high range definitely does.

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