The Best Way To Use The Law of Attraction

The Best Way To Use The Law of Attraction

As a professional voice coach myself, I’ve learned many different teaching approaches and tried a number of different methods to motivate and inspire my students along the way. An approach I’ve recently started implementing along with my vocal coaching is The Law of Attraction, in that positive action yields positive results – if you take positive steps towards becoming a great singer, then this is what you will become, but if you take no action, or worse, take negative steps like smoking or not warming up properly then this a sure way to struggle as a singer and ultimately damage your voice.

While my chosen field is singing, this approach really does translate to any pursuit in life from learning how to sing to achieving success in business. I’ve always loved the idea of The Law of Attraction, but as I’m a practical kind of guy, I was never really able to put it to much use until I learned the right way to use it. This is similar to my approach to singing – I never used to understand or be able to implement classical singing techniques and terms like Appoggio, or Open Throat, until I understood what the root purpose and reason was for these terms and where they came from.

Like singing terms, the Law of Attraction is often figurative in its intention – LOA isn’t a magic bullet to make all of your dreams of owning a Ferrari come true, it’s actually a process that you should implement to see better results and receive positive energy towards whatever seeds you’re sowing. On that same note, singing terms and techniques aren’t a magic bullet to give you a great singing voice and achieve your dreams of stardom, they’re a process you need to take and a guide to follow to build coordination and control in your voice so you can build a great singing voice.


This is where my newfound understanding of the Law of Attraction has come from – my desire to get to the root of classical singing techniques to work out what the point of them really is, and why they were coined in the first place. As an example, the singing term Open Throat is often thrown out there in a flippant manner by well-meaning voice coaches who often think we all should just ‘understand’ 200 year old singing terms that are often outdated simply because they do. The term Open Throat is a direct translation of the figure of speech phrase “La Gola Aperta”, translating literally to The Open Throat – but really means you should sing without tension in your throat, by supporting your voice low from the diaphragm and singing with efficient resonance high in your head. The Law of Attraction is the same kind of animal, in a literal sense, it seems like you can just “wish” for whatever you want and it will come true – but LOA is a figure of speech rather than a literal instruction. To succeed in singing, or succeed with The Law of Attraction in whatever your chosen pursuit, you first need to understand that LOA, like singing terms, is a figurative term and really refers to a process of positive action rather than being a magic pill to cure your life, or cure your singing voice.

The Law of Attraction is a process

Whatever it is you wish to achieve in life, for example a great singing voice, there are no easy results without positive action. To learn how to sing effectively, you must first take the positive action of building a strong foundation – as I often say to my singing students, your voice is only going to be a powerful as the foundation it’s been built upon, and then continually focus your energy and actions on progress by taking vocal training, developing your voice and ultimately practicing in a consistent manner. If you were to simply say “I have a bad voice” and barely practice, then this is a sure way to fail at your goals and have a bad singing voice – but if you tell yourself that you are a singer, and a great singer at that, and you take positive steps towards building a great voice and sing every day just like a professional singer does, your progress and success is guaranteed!

As a companion tool to vocal coaching, The Law of Attraction and the positive action that it encourages will allow you to reach your goals sooner and manifest a great singing voice with consistent practice, proper vocal technique and healthier choices where your voice, health and singing are concerned.

How to use The Law of Attraction to manifest a great singing voice

Remember, the Law of Attraction is a figurative process, a philosophy for how to achieve positive results and bring about positive energy in your life. I often see this parallel in beginner singers who think that if they could JUST perfect this technique or that technique, then they will have the voice they’ve always dreamed of, which is quite simply not how life works, least of all how singing works. To use the Law of Attraction to manifest a great singing voice, you first need to align your thoughts with positive action – it’s all good to ‘think’ that you want a great singing voice, but your actions must reflect your thought process, because after all, The Law of Attraction, like singing technique, is simply a process and path to success, not a magic cure-all. If you desperately want a great singing voice, but you barely practice, and you don’t take your vocal health seriously, then you can’t TRULY say you’ve put positive energy into your voice and can’t expect positive results – now, if you’ve taken professional coaching and you practice EVERY day and continually develop your singing voice using a process of singing technique and practice, then you will see progress and your learning curve will decrease each time you sing.


Singing is very similar to The Law of Attraction in that singing techniques and terms will only ever help your voice if you get to the root of their meaning, and you use them as a process to achieve your goals – singing terms are not a magic pill to make you a great singer, just like the LOA won’t magically make that Ferrari turn up on your doorstep overnight, but they are a guide for how you can take positive steps towards achieving the voice of your dreams, and how to take positive steps towards owning the car of your dreams through positive action and better life choices.

My favourite analogy for how to use the Law of Attraction to achieve your dreams is in how you treat people. If you are kind, altruistic, open and truthful – the people you meet will reflect this behavior and you will form positive relationships and yield honesty, altruism and openness in return. However, if you act like a victim and lie, cheat and steal – the people you meet will likewise reflect this behaviour back on you and you will yield negative experiences with people in return.

To become a great singer, you must first take positive action towards becoming the singer you wish to be by developing your vocal technique and making healthier choices for your vocal health. Success in life depends on positive action – can you truly say you’ve taken positive steps towards building the voice of your dreams?

Let me know when that Ferrari turns up in your driveway…

If you’re ready to take positive steps towards building a powerful singing voice with professional voice training, you can book a Skype Session and we’ll get started today!

If you have any questions about learning to sing or how The Law of Attraction helps me teach my singing students how to reach their goals sooner with positive action, feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!


  1. Great article! I first learned of the term Law of Attraction about a year ago. I have been applying the LOA technique to a particular project in my life (no, it’s not singing…lol) and I am having a fair amount of success with it so far. Thanks for the great explanation, I really got a deeper understanding of this technique.
    Take Care

    • Thanks Angela! Ha – absolutely, the LOA can be used in many ways, I’ve simply chosen to apply the principles of positive action to vocal coaching, but works in so many other facets of life.

      All the best,


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