The best vocal placement exercises

The best vocal placement exercises

To a Tenor, placement comes naturally – with thinner and tighter vocal chords that resonate freely and with a bright tone, it’s child’s play. But to a low baritone like me, placement has been absolutely KEY to building my vocal range and being able to sing in the Tenor range myself. This is why you get some people who SWEAR that ‘placement is b/s’ or the opposite from those, like me, who have benefited out of sight from the implementation of placement into their vocal routine.

But what IS placement? Well, with thick, floppy vocal chords, they vibrate ‘wherever’ they want, instead of being focused on one specific resonance chamber, so I’ve had to learn how to communicate with my chords by way of my technique to instruct them to resonate in the correct manner the second I start warming up, rather than singing for an hour ‘maybe’ in the right way, ‘maybe not’.

How do we achieve vocal placement? I’ve put together a simple video to explain placement and better yet, how to build placement in your own voice:

Are you ready to build placement into your voice and fix all those ‘baritone’ or ‘low voice’ issues you’ve been experiencing? Your vocal break will absolutely DISSOLVE once you learn these techniques – you can book a session with me whenever you’re ready!

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