The Anatomy Of Your Singing Voice [Infographic]

The Anatomy Of Your Singing Voice


As a professional voice coach, I try to focus on “real singing” while keeping the science lessons to a minimum.

I cringe every time I hear someone talking about laryngeal tilt, M1, modes and formants – at the end of the day we’re singers, not rocket surgeons. Aretha Franklin wasn’t worrying about the angle of her larnyx in the same way I highly doubt Layne Staley really knew how resonant space alters the vocal formant; they were just great singers.

But that being said, it’s pretty hard to make an oil painting without a canvas, set of colours and a paintbrush, right? 

And it’s pretty hard to win a Nascar race when your car has no engine and you don’t know what a steering wheel is, yeah?

But on the flipside, you ALSO don’t really need to know how a sparkplug works to drive a car, and you don’t need to understand the inner workings of a computer to read an email, right?

So let me show you the Anatomy of your Singing Voice in the most basic, practical sense that you need to understand to become a great singer in this uber practical infographic that absolutely anyone can understand and apply in their singing;

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