The 3 best ROCK rock singing techniques

The top 3 ROCK rock singing techniques

Rich, gravelly, soaring in pitch, biting, cutting, loud, powerful, vicious, roaring with power – all descriptions I’ve heard for ‘what makes a great rock voice’. Learn these 3 simple ROCK singing techniques and you’ll have more firepower than you can handle, while also keeping your voice healthy and safe!

Adduction (aka Chord Closure)

Adjusting the aperture of your vocal chords as you ascend through your registers will ensure your voice is consistent and resonates with POWER throughout your whole range. Adduction is simply a fancy anatomical term for ‘bring to the centre’ and is also used in various Yoga and health and fitness techniques – as you ascend and ‘thin’ your chords into the MIX coordination, you also need to adjust your chord closure as your folds themselves thin and separate – without pushing, you can try it yourself by toggling between a ‘breathy’ and ‘heavy’ onset, such as hhaaaAAAAHHH throughout your registers to gain the feeling of chord control. Adduction is also one important half of healthy grit and distortion techniques, the second being:

Breath Supper (aka Compression)

Learning proper control and support with your air pressure and airflow will not only allow your to power up your resonance and keep consistent placement, along with great posture it will also relieve most types of singing strain! Remember, breathe USING the diaphragm, not ‘into’ your diaphragm or with your chest. Low, strong and steady my friend…

Placement (aka frequency control or ‘brightness’)

Learning to communicate with your vocal chords is an absolute MUST for a powerful singing voice – without it, they will simply flop around in an uncontrolled way, leaving you pitchy, hoarse and lacking in range. Tighten up your frequencies with proper placement and a bright disposition to ‘hit the pockets of resonance’ through your whole range. Try it yourself with either an “N” or “NG” sound, and then try to hit your vowels in the same ‘place’ – can you feel your strain and tension melting away? Bingo – proper placement.

Rock singing techniques don’t have to be complicated or confusing, with the right approach to Rock Singing Lessons, you will gain unlimited range and endless power. Are you ready to start building your own POWERFUL rock voice? Book a session with me now and I’ll show you how the pros get that incredible sound!

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