The #1 reason that beginner singers FAIL (Are you doing this?)

Are you making this mistake?


So you’ve been learning how to sing.

Watching thousands of YouTube singing tutorials.

You’ve got a local coach.

Maybe you’ve even bought a course.

You’ve been at this for AGES.

What seems like a LIFETIME.

… And even though you’re practicing, practicing, practicing – it’s become apparent that you’re just not getting any better.

It’s surprisingly common.


But there’s an important reason that you’re not getting any better.

And it has nothing to do with Open Throat technique, Cry, masque, placement or vowels.

Wait wait wait… a vocal coach who doesn’t just throw another set of lip trills at you or tell you “need more practice practice practice”?

You’re dead right.

Don’t get me wrong though – all of that stuff is important, super dooper important.

It’s just that they’re not the REASON why beginner singers fail 95% of the time they try.

And I really want you to be in that top 5% who pass the grade and succeed as singers.

And I should know – I was in the 95% for WAY too long, failing failing failing and straining my voice like mad trying to hit high notes.

And yes, my technique has obviously gotten better, allowing me to sing higher notes with power and ease consistently.

But, I already knew about placement, I already knew about vowel modification and I already knew all about Open Throat singing technique while I was failing so miserably year after year wasting thousands of dollars on singing lessons that just weren’t working.

So it wasn’t technique that I was lacking for.

It was really DIRECTION that I was missing.

I wanted to be a great singer, obviously.

But exactly what to work towards – an album, an open mic night, finishing that half written song, a specific cover.

How many times have you been to a singing lesson where you’ve told the teacher exactly what you’re into and who your favourite singers are – and they’ve immediately brushed it off and told you to practice lip trills again and again and again. Scales. Drills, Exercises.

It’s like spending hour upon hour warming up in the gym and never actually picking up a weight or doing any real exercise. You’re preparing, preparing, preparing – but what for?

It’s like setting up a bank account but never actually putting any money in it – because there’s nothing to save for.

Filling up your car with fuel and never actually driving it – because you’ve got nowhere to go.

And that’s what singing lessons often become, sadly.

The #1 reason that beginner singers fail is because they have no DIRECTION, no real goal, nothing tangible to work towards. So they spend hour after hour on the proverbial vocal treadmill without actually going anywhere.

I get thousands of emails every week with people desperate to learn how to sing.

“Kegan, I want to sing high notes!”

“Help me, what is mixed voice?”

“I can’t belt”

And I always ask them WHY they want to sing high notes, WHY they want to sing in mixed voice and WHY they want to belt.

And generally, I’m met with confusion or something like this;

“I saw a guy on YouTube who said…. blah blah blah”

And I refuse to work with anyone who can’t answer the question why they want all of these things – range, tone, power, distortion, belting, high notes.

Because without a specific goal, they WILL fail – no matter how well I teach them to modify their vowels, how well they place their voice, no matter how many tricks I give them for finding their mixed voice.

They’re just going to get stuck on the treadmill walking on the spot, faster and faster without actually going anywhere.

So if you’re serious about becoming a better singer, and I mean REALLY serious – I put the question to you right now, WHY do you want to become a better singer, and WHAT are you going to do with more high notes, more power and a better tone?

And when you’ve got a serious answer, watch the following video to learn how we’re going to use the vocal techniques we just spoke about like Vowel Modification and Placement to make this dream a reality – Big Dreams? You Need a Big Voice To Match [VIDEO]

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