The #1 Professional Singer’s Secret to Singing Success

The #1 Professional Singer's Secret to Singing Success

I remember taking my first few singing lessons - lip trills after lip trills when I just wanted to know the SECRET to great singing.

But what exactly IS the #1 Singer's Secret to Singing Success?

It's a little more complicated that just one single secret - in fact, great singing really isn't a secret at all; but I'm going to keep this as simple and practical as I can and show you the number one thing that absolutely changed EVERYTHING for me as a singer going from those first few singing lessons getting bored with vocal scales and drills to now having enjoyed a decade-long career as a professional singer.

If I had to pick just ONE thing that is going to turn the tides for you as a singer, I first need to know what's going on with your voice, so let me give you one tip for each of these senarios.

#1 - You're Straining and Struggling

The pros make it look so damn EASY, right? So why is singing such a struggle and strain?

The truth is, it's likely much of your strain and tension actually comes from excess work - it's not that you need a 'special secret' to sing better, you in fact need to do LESS so that all that muscular strain and tension is never engaged to begin with.

My #1 secret to helping my own students achieve singing success it to help them discover and develop Mixed Voice.

Mixed voice itself is actually a completely natural aspect of your vocal mechanism - in fact, so natural that many vocal methods out there just completely skip over this important concept because "it's OBVIOUS that you should sing with mixed voice", when in fact for many of us who aren't necessarily natural singers to begin with - our singing voices are anything BUT mixed.

Mixed voice in a physical sense occurs when you develop a balance and coordination between the TA and CT muscles to create a fluid connection between chest and head voice. Ergo, if you're trying to take chest voice as high as possible, and thwarting this natural balance in your voice - you're probably experiencing an unholy amount of strain and tension.

Am I right?

If you're experiencing strain and tension, there's no amount of vocal exercises or 'tricks' that are going to help you unless you first start using mixed voice.

It's easy, let me show you how to find mixed voice in this exclusive lesson (it's free!)

Find Your Mixed Voice

In This Exclusive Free Lesson

Scenario #2 - You're Not Sure Where To Start

This is surprisingly common, especially in today's "information overload" age.

Have you watched so many YouTube videos that your head is just spinning and spinning?

Do you actually feel like a WORSE singer after watching some guy belt the crap out of a vocal cover on YouTube and then tell you the answer to all your problems is some crazy term like Open Throat, or Appoggio, or Cry - and you have NO idea what they're talking about??

Trust me - I felt the same for a very long time.

The truth is, there's actually only ONE thing you have to do to start learning how to sing; Learn The Four Vocal Fundamentals.

That's right, it's not some crazy vocal method with 20 modules and 7 types of onsets and 9 types of cry and sob coordination - but just FOUR things you can learn right not to help you sing better;

  • Height In The Vocal Tract
  • Forward Placement
  • "All In One Flow"
  • Mixed Tonality

Actually, we've already talked about mixed voice - so there's actually on THREE more things that you need to do to start singing better today. Here's a freebie to help you master the four vocal fundamentals;

Master The Four Vocal Fundamentals

With the Foundation 101 Singing Course

Scenario #2 - Your low range is fine; but you have no high range

This one was me in a nutshell - or at least, I "thought" my low range was fine.

Surprisingly enough, extending your high range is all about your vowels - learning to open the vowel into the pharynx to create Height In The Vocal Tract (Yes - the first of our Four Vocal Fundamentals!)

This is actually where the term "Open Throat Singing Technique" comes from - the "open" really refers to the soft palate raising up into the pharynx, and "throat" really refers to your resonant space rather than the 'throat' space in your neck like you might think.

Open Throat singing is actually SUPER easy to achieve, so lets do it:

Master Open Throat Technique

With the Foundation 101 Singing Course

The Ultimate Singing Success Program

I've been exactly where you are - looking for the next method, the next secret, the next 'advanced technique' that was going to help me with my strain and tension, my lack of high range and ultimately the issues I faced as a lower voiced singer.

But the secret wasn't some crazy technique like vocal modes or compression - it was really building a rock solid foundation for my voice with The Four Vocal Fundamentals we just spoke about.

By singing with a raised soft palate, I was able to achieve "vocal cover" in my vowels to achieve a powerful but effortless singing voice - some people even call this "vocal protection" - which is pretty indicative of what an open vowel approach will do for you as a singer; protect you from strain, tension and vocal harm while increasing your range and improving your voice in every way imaginable.

With this in mind, I've designed the vocal program that I wish that I had been given when I was first learning how to sing;

No overcomplication, no excessive 'vocal science' copied directly from medical wikipedia pages, metaphors kept to a minimum with practical examples, concepts and exercises in their place and ultimately the most simple but effective vocal method for singing success I've been able to design with 20 years singing experience and also a decade of professional coaching expertise of my own under my belt - the Foundation and Growth 101 singing courses.

The Foundation 101 singing course really is a unique take on learning how to sing - with a focus on practical singing ability and concepts you can apply right now instead of esoteric ideas like curbing and edge that really do very little to help you sing better, and really just confuse what should be a simple and natural process for your voice.

I've designed Foundation 101 with the express intention of being the #1 Vocal Program for Singing Success - all killer and no filler.

If you're sick of the BS and just want to SING better, then it's time to develop a killer vocal foundation with the Foundation 101 singing course.

Master The Four Vocal Fundamentals

With the Foundation 101 Singing Course

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