If you’ve checked out a few of my online Rock Singing Lessons and you’re wondering whether my Rock Vocal teaching and online vocal coaching really works, a few of my regular singing students have provided feedback on my teaching methods and vocal technique (thanks guys!) – the results speak for themselves!

“We just did 2 gigs for the weekend, and I seriously feel like I’m singing the best I ever have in my life at the moment!” (M – BVS student since 2015)

I want to improve dramatically in power and range!

I’ve been tutored by Kegan for almost three months now, and the improvement in my singing has been remarkable. My power and range have already improved, thanks largely to his attentiveness as a teacher. His vast knowledge of proper vocal technique is impressive, and he has the chops to back it up too!  He is a great guy to work with and I highly recommend his services to singers of any ability, experienced or novices alike! – Aaron (2016)

“Well you’ve changed everything. I have found all my lost confidence in singing flooding back!” (T – Vocal evaluation 2017)

I sing with so much less effort and strain than I used to!

I came to Kegan for some help after my voice started to crack up at gigs (similar to his own story). He identified some bad habits from my 40 + years of untrained singing, with instant improvement! I sing with so much less effort and strain than I used to. Since then we have worked on increasing my range and power, and the comments I now get at gigs prove that the time has been well spent. – Mark (2016)

“Thanks so much for yesterday! Excited to become a better singer with your guidance and explore my capabilities.” (E – BVS student 2017)

The video was impressive mate! Thats just what I’m looking for!

Kegan is a great teacher. I started from scratch about three month ago and Im really really happy with the progress Ive made so far.. If you want to sing rock/blues, this is the guy – Mau (2015)

“I’m starting to get a hang of changing the vowel sounds!” (A – BVS Student 2017)

I want to sing with grit and make my voice go higher, can you help?

Really great! It took some time and more practice than I thought, my voice has become much stronger and sounds much better. The way you explain the technique is cool and references really do help, thanks Keegan! – Leo (2014)

“You’re like the Obi-Wan-Kenobi of Rock Singing!” (J – BVS Student 2017)

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