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Learn To Sing On YouTube

If you’ve been trying to learn how to sing for a while already, you’ve probably spent some time trawling through YouTube videos looking for ‘the secret’ to great singing. You probably also found that it was a bit of a black hole of endless videos and marketing terms and reaction videos instead of the professional singing resource you were hoping it was going to be. So how do you make heads or tails of the information on YouTube when it comes to learning how to sing?

The most important thing to understand about YouTube is that it’s really not a repository of knowledge, at least where singing is concerned, it’s really just a collection of marketing videos of varying qualities trying to get you to subscribe or even buy something. Sure, you might get a feel-good feeling about a smiling coach who promises you the world, and there might even be a nice little tid-bit of useable information hidden in there somewhere – but as a comprehensive vocal approach, YouTube just plain old sucks, and let me tell you how I know this;

I Was Once Stuck In The YouTube Vortex Too!

Actually, before YouTube was even created I was stuck in an endless singing lesson vortex, but that’s a conversation for another time. Now, I actually started learning to sing in the late 90’s as highschool came to a close for me. First with a book I bought from the back of a guitar magazine, and then onto a teacher and so forth. There was a few online singing courses available at the time too, but it really wasn’t something that was on my radar at the time – I wanted to be in the same room as the person teaching me and really stuck to my guns with local singing lessons.

Unfortunately, there’s some truth to sayings about wide nets – my choice of local coaches really was limited between the stuffy classical lady who hated rock (and I suspect just hated me too) and the dubious pop guy who kept trying to get me to “sing like you speak” which even at that time, set off alarm bells in the back of my head. While I eventually had great success when another coach came into my life just at the right moment, I did start also looking online at the time and eventually came across YouTube some years later as my singing ability was really starting to take off thanks to the incredible vocal foundation that I’d been able to build with this simple process.

Even as someone who at the time was able to sing quite well and connect chest and head voice, sing with formidable power and had also started to dabble in coaching too – I came across all manner of crazy terms and techniques that I had never heard of, in fact, I suspected at the time that some of these terms were just made up for dramatic effect. Open Throat, Appoggio, Modes, Medial Compression, Edge, Overdrive, Mix Voice, Curbing – what the hell were all these techniques that apparently everyone but me was using?

And here’s where the YouTube vortex began.

I started trawling through YouTube videos looking for the magic secrets to the techniques, notes and tone that was still eluding me in places, and I actually started to spend more time looking at singing videos than actually singing myself. Does this sound familiar?

I then realised many years down the track that YouTube was actually more of a marketplace and platform for people to gain followers and clients, and that it’s really not a repository of knowledge in any case, at least where singing is concerned. By this point, I’d actually started my own YouTube channel trying to debunk half of the crap out there, doing a few covers to ‘prove’ my singing approach was legit, along with trying to create the online resource that I would have loved to have had access to as a green singer – I did videos about accents, consonants, mixed voice, Open Throat, belting, distortion – you name it, the BVS vocal channel was rising fast. And here’s where it happened again, I started spending more time creating videos than actually singing for the pure joy of it.

And here’s where the YouTube vortex began… again.

And you’re starting to see a pattern here. YouTube is really designed to keep you on YouTube – what would be the point of an online platform that encouraged you to pack up your laptop and actually go and do something? Even someone as well meaning as myself who tried to go against the grain and actually just SHOW people how to sing gets sucked into the vortex as other channels gain more viewers and other coaches make a better living by simply sitting there watching a video of someone else singing while occasionally chiming in “yep, he’s doing blah blah – which is in my course”. Can you tell that reaction videos are my pet peeve?

The only way to sing better is to actually sing, and the only way to coach people is to actually coach them. Reaction videos do nothing but encourage you to spend more time on YouTube instead of more time singing.

Less Clicking, More singing!

At this point, I was pretty done with YouTube because it just seemed the vortex was stronger than I could handle – even my own little coaching vortex of video after video started to wear me down. Instead, I started to focus on my students and use their experiences learning to sing, along with my own 20 year experience learning to sing and decade of coaching expertise to create an approach that was all inclusive and would set absolutely any singer at any level up with a rock solid vocal foundation and the keys to becoming a great singer.

And here’s my conclusion on learning to sing on YouTube; why watch ads masquerading as singing lessons when you can get the real thing?  The Foundation 101 course here at Bohemian Vocal Studio is designed for singers just like you that are SICK of the YouTube vortex and want to quit all that clickin’, and start doing some actual singing.

The approach that I’ve designed after 20 years learning to sing, and with 10 years coaching experience is one of the simplest yet in depth vocal methods you will find. But, i’m not going to sell you some BS about a magic secret, or being better than anyone, or being the best course ever, or being a guru, or dropping the names of pros and celebrities that I have worked with – I’m going to let you make up your own mind with this exclusive Mixed Voice Singing Lesson and let my approach do all the talking.

Are you ready to sing better? Check out your free Mixed Voice Singing Lesson here.

Want to see what all the fuss is about with the Foundation vocal approach? Here’s just a few examples of what I’m achieving now that I’m free of the YouTube vortex and using the Foundation approach to vocal technique – just imagine what you’re going to achieve once you’re finally able to sing with the voice of your dreams, not just watch videos of someone else singing with the voice of your dreams.

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