Stop singing so heavy | How to lighten your voice

If you push and bellow every time you ascend in range, it’s likely you’re not thinning your chords as you go up in pitch. Never fear, we’ve got a super simple exercise to help you thin out your voice and reach the upper echelons of your voice! Check out the below video for an easy exercise to drop all the heavy weight from your voice – trust me, as a bass personally this Bohemian Vocal Studio exercise has been a lifesaver and game changer. Check it out now:

If you can learn how to develop a thinned, relaxed sound like this instead of a full belt, you’ll absolutely do away with the tired old notion of “head voice” and “chest voice” – you have ONE voice, and if it’s separating as such then you’re likely doing something wrong and rising the health of your chords.

If you want to build your technique and save your voice in the long run, book a session with  me now!

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Kegan DeBoheme is Bohemian Vocal Studio’s resident vocal coach and voice expert. He teaches professional singing and voice technique to students all around the world and enjoys providing tutorials like this one on how to improve your voice.

2 thoughts on “Stop singing so heavy | How to lighten your voice

  1. Hi Kegan,

    Great video! It is very informative!
    My daughter wants to sing and in September I will subscribe her to a course. We live out of the US and it is very hard to find courses with songs in English. My daughter wants to sing only in English, which is great because it gives her also the opportunity to learn the language in a pleasant way:) I will show her this video, I am sure she will love it! Just a question, please. Do you give private courses online? If so, where is it possible to see the prices?
    Thank you very much in advance!

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