Stay at Home Vocal Lessons!

What if I told you you could learn to sing professionally with a TOP vocal coach without the need to take even one step outside the comfort of your own home? Well now you can!

Singing lessons over Skype really do work!

Using Skype, I’ve taught singing to hundreds of students in over 15+ different countries now – and growing! It’s super simple, for home vocal lessons you simply need a decent internet connection, to download the free Skype application (there is no charge for the call – pretty cool hey?) and to lock in a time with me here at Bohemian Vocal Studio.

My specialty is Rock, but I’m also well versed with healthy singing technique in any style, from pop, to RnB, to blues, metal, folk – you name it, I’ll show you how to increase your range, achieve the right tone and build you voice into a powerhouse no matter the niche style you personally want to work on.

Providing home vocal lessons has been an absolute charm for me, it’s opened up my reach as a professional vocal coach and allowed me to meet SO many cool singers and positive people looking to learn the tricks of the trade from a seasoned pro – I’ve been singing for nearly 20 years, and now I’m able to coach full time!

Why would you take home vocal lessons?

Lets face it, you’ve probably been to your local vocal coach at some point – likely an older lady with a piano and shrill voice that teaches classical ONLY and says things like “Appoggio” and “Passaggio” and expects you to follow along without explanation, right? I’m actually well versed in classical technique (Appoggio is an aspect of proper breath support, and your passaggio is simply a fancy name for your vocal break!), but I avoid jargon and archaic Italian singing terms where I can. I like to keep things simple and spend time on the techniques and approaches that REALLY work rather than spending time translating outdated Opera language from 200 years ago.

With Home vocal lessons, you can take singing lessons with a world class and highly respected professional coach (me!) who understands that you want to sing ROCK, not classical, and that you want it explained in a logical and simple way without confusing terms – book a session with me now to start building your voice now!

Who wouldn’t want to learn how to sing from the comfort of their own home?

What if I have a thick accent/I’m from another country?

Guess what – we ALL have accents. It’s my job as a singing professional to understand how the voice works – I actually provide speech coaching too, so your accent/my accent will never be an issue or language barrier that we can’t work through together. I’ve taught hundreds of students with different native tongues, accents and voice types with great success, music really is the universal language!
A few of the non-english songs I’ve worked on with my students in the past few weeks:

  • Mando Diao – Strövtåg I Hembygden (SWEDISH)
  • Czesław Niemen – Dziwny jest ten świat (POLISH)
  • Pappo – Desconfío de la vida (Argentinian SPANISH)
  • O.N.A. – Krzycze jestem (POLISH)

I also work with my students’ original tunes in their native language too – with my understanding of how the voice really works, no language or accent has ever been too difficult to work with or decipher for building healthy singing technique. Those Slavic ‘CZ’ sounds can be a total killer though!

What about the time difference?

No sweat! I’ve been doing this a really long time! I have a whole room of clocks set to every time imaginables (i’m joking…) – I use a really amazing time converter which instantly shows me various time zones compared to my timezone here in Sydney, Australia – so just let me know your preferred times/days and I’ll let you know the best crossover for us to get together over Skype. I have a ton of students in Europe and the USA, and a few from Asia too – I’m used to keeping different hours to cater to a student’s timezone.

How much does it cost?

I often run really generous sales for my Skype students – taking home vocal lessons using Skype is not only easier and more convenient for you, it’s actually opens up my schedule availability ALOT, so I’m available for sessions at more-convenient times during the day no matter your timezone. You can check out the times in the dropdown menu to your right in the sidebar – just pick the session or pack you’d like and we’ll lock in a time together.

When will you have an online booking calender?

Working on it as we speak! Soon you’ll be able to choose a time and book online on my website and the time difference will be worked out for us instantly. Join up to my mailing list now to get updates and subscriber exclusives.

How will I take notes – do you have handouts I need to print?

You’re in luck! I recently launched the Student Resource center here at Bohemian Vocal Studio – for students who’ve taken at least 4 sessions with me, I provide a login which gives you access to all the guides and diagrams I’ve developed to make practice much easier for you. There’s also a super cool student-only forum where you can ask me a question at any time of the day, even song-specific vowel questions like “What vowel do I sing for xxxx word?” and I’ll work it out for you – plus you can even converse with the worldwide BVS community and get to know fellow students who I’m working with. Pretty neat, right?

If you’re ready to book a session with me, you can choose a session type in the sidebar to your right – let me know your timezone and preferrable times and we’ll get home vocal lessons locked in for you!

Feel free to leave some feedback or any questions below!

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