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I used to catch the bus to singing lessons – half an hour there, a few minutes walk, half hour lesson, a few minutes walk, half an hour home.

So really, a two hour round trip just to take a 30 minute vocal lesson; and I wasn’t even that enamoured with my teacher at the time.

And after thousands of dollars spent on singing lessons that often took me longer to travel to than I spent in the actual lesson – I was still a pretty terrible singer.

I continued to strain and struggle.

I had no range.

They kept telling me to support – and push and huff as much as I could; I still sucked.

But I had no choice.

There was only one local teacher.

This was my ONLY option to become a better singer.

We’re talking pre-YouTube days here, so there was a few books I bought, and a few courses I sent away for on DVD (my first course actually came on cassette in the mail); but it was the same old story “yawn before you sing, support your voice” that my local teacher had been repeating to me over and over for years with little success.

Learning how to sing used to be a sad state of affairs unless you were simply “lucky” enough to live near a truly great coach, or had crazy dosh to fork out for flights, travel and accomodation to see a famous coach in Hollywood or something like that.

Obviously, I had neither.

But I stuck to it – teacher after teacher, course after course, method after method. 

I used to stalk local singers after gigs in my town to pick their brain on how they sang so well, for any secrets and tricks they might be able to share with me, or some secret method they might be hiding from everyone.

My best teacher was actually an old Opera guy – a serious baritone – who absolutely hated rock music (and I suspect might have even hated me a little bit), but he was a PASSIONATE coach and took it upon himself to help me with my own goals of singing like my favourite singers; Chris Cornell, Layne Staley and Bon Jovi.

Seeing a 100kg guy who was at least 70 years old screeching out Soundgarden’s “Spoonman” like he’d been doing it for years and could do it standing on his head ten times in a row is something I really wish I had video of – it was freakin’ amazing… and slightly terrifying.

It was hard work.

It took dedication.

It took serious training.




Years of trial and error (mainly error).

But I eventually discovered that singing is actually VERY easy – when it’s taught in a practical way.

Classical terms are great and all; if you’re going to be singing in Italian. But when it comes to singing rock, pop, blues, soul or basically anything from the last 100 years – practical training that works is the key.

Those common tips like “yawn before you sing” are also fine; but only if you’re a totally natural singer who’s already spectacular (like most voice coaches are/were to begin with) – but for guys and gals like you and I, we need to know WHY and HOW and WHEN to use these techniques and concepts.

^ And just to explain that common instruction to “yawn when you sing” – a subtle yawn helps you raise the soft palate to create height in the vocal tract; allowing you to sing with a pharyngeal vowel that resonates with the full strength of your frequencies and connection throughout your full range. 

^^ And this is why it’s so important that you’re shown how to sing in a PRACTICAL way with TANGIBLE goals to your progress instead of just being thrown a few throwaway phrases like Open Throat, or Curbing, or Edge – and this is the reason you’ve been having so much trouble as a singer; noone is actually training you to sing better, they’re just telling you to turn left at the roundabout instead of telling you the directions and destination, telling you to hit the brakes instead of teaching you that you have to stop at a stop-sigh, and accelerate for a green light.

So I’ve designed the vocal method that I wish I could have learned from from day 1 – the real, practical, tangible, proven approach that has WORKED for me as someone who wasn’t a “natural” singer to begin with.

Sure, sure, the fancy terms and flashy marketing sell courses like hotcakes – but I couldn’t give a crap about that kinda stuff, I just want to save you the same heartache, ludicrous costs and years, years and years of struggling to become a good singer by showing you exactly how to get started learning how to sing from how right here right now.

Oh yeah – I’m going to show it to you for free.

Absolutely free.

Watch this video below to learn the #1 most important thing you are EVER going to learn as a singer – then add your details below to receive your free vocal plan.

Learning how to sing from home is really THAT easy.

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