The Sneaky Vocal Growth Hack That Will SKYROCKET Your Range


What if I told you there was an easier way to sing, a "vocal hack" if-you-will that will help you SKYROCKET your vocal range to the stars and beyond?

You'd probably say "That's Not Possible!" and a long time ago, I probably would have agreed with you.

But I recently detailed how I went from less than an octave of range as a beginner singer with no training to four full octaves of connected range.

... And it even shocked ME when I sat down and worked out just how much range I now had to play with, and how much my voice has changed using the sneaky hack that I'm about to share with you.

Well, it's really Four Vocal Fundamentals;

  • Height In The Vocal Tract
  • Forward Placement
  • Mixed Tonality
  • "All In One Flow"

Plus one honorary extra Vocal Hack I'm going to share with you at the bottom of this post.

The Four Vocal Fundamentals

Every single technique, concept, hack, trick and term out there relates back to just one of these simple four Vocal Fundamentals.

Vowel Modification, Raising The Soft Palate, Yawning - these all help you sing with Height In The Vocal Tract.

Cry, Connecting Chest and Head, Laryngeal Tilt - these all result in Mixed Voice.

Twang, Brightness, Edge, Masque - you guessed it, theses are just there to help you sing with Forward Placement.

In the same way that Support, Diaphragmatic Breathing and Compression are just a means to help you sing "All In One Flow".

Check out this video to learn HOW to sing with The Four Vocal Fundamentals;

If you want to skip ahead of all this basic stuff, you can add your details below to receive my special 3-Part Vocal Plan that shows you how to master the #1 Most Important Thing You Will EVER Learn As A Singer.



I'll cut to the chase - I want you to watch the video below because it contains the #1 Most Important Thing You Will EVER Learn As A Singer, and there's also a super embarrassing "Before and After" of my own singing voice which you're going to love (or die laughing from).

At the end of the video, I'm going to give you the opportunity to join my special 3-Part Vocal Plan where I'm actually going to SHOW YOU how the PRO's, Vocal Coaches and those "In The Know" build insane vocal ranges without wasting their time with pointless scales.

You might be wondering why I called this a "Sneaky Hack" - and that's because everyone out there already TALKS about vowel modification and register overtones; but noone actually SHOWS YOU how to do it yourself like I'm about to. You're going to walk away from this video with the physical ability to sing better than you EVER have before, and it's going to blow the gates wide open on why other methods, courses and teachers really haven't been helping you sing any better - even though they "talk" a big game.

This is the REAL deal.

I'll even invite you to a special Q&A session with me to answer ALL of your questions (and more!) about The Vocal Plan and all the killer information it has shared with you.

All you've gotta do is watch this video below:

Add your details below to receive your free 3-Part Vocal Plan.

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