Anyone can learn to sing with these tips!

Using these five simple tips, absolutely ANYONE can learn to sing!

Tip 1 – Learn to breathe using the diaphragm

You’ve probably heard “breathe down low!” or “Sing from the diaphragm!” before – but has anyone actually shown you how to breathe using your diaphragm? It’s SUPER simple. Here’s a few quick ways to engage your diaphragm:

  • Imagine you’re breathing through a straw
  • Pretend you’re shooting an arrow sideways (with your head facing forward!)
  • Pant like a dog, decreasing in speed
  • Lie on your back

Using the above methods, try to breathe with your belly instead of your chest and shoulders – can you feel your diaphragm engaging below your ribcage? Bingo, that’s diaphragmatic breathing!

Tip 2 – Sing with RESONANCE

Your voice works more like a guitar than it does a whistle or flute. It’s not air blowing across your vocal chords that’s making a sound, but pressure from air being held in your diaphragm vibrating your vocal chords that causes resonance up in your head. Try it yourself by holding your breath before you sing, can you feel RESONANCE up behind your nose and in your head? THAT is your true singing voice!

Tip 3 – Develop your vowels

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – VOWELS are the key to a huge range and powerful voice. Learning how to sing with the right practical vowel sounds AH/AA/OO/EE/EH along with learning how to modify your vowels into the right position along the vocal tract will absolutely open your voice up like never before. Check out the video I’ve put together below on singing an “EE” vowel the right way:

Tip 4 – Bridge your registers

Learning how to bridge between your CHEST and HEAD register by way of MIDDLE VOICE or MIX voice is what will turn you from an “okay” singer into a “STELLAR” singer with miles of range and tons of power. Here’s another quick video I’ve put together showing you how to power up the middle range:

Tip 5 – Get guidance from the right sources

You’ve probably trawled through hundreds of YouTube videos trying to work out how to sing, without any success, right? There is TONS of crazy information out there all saying contradictory things about how to sing – rest assured you’ve landed at the RIGHT place to build your voice! Working with a vocal coach who has the experience to understand your unique voice and has respect for the things you want to sing (and the singers you love!) is paramount to building a healthy voice. I’ve been providing Rock Singing Training here at Bohemian Vocal Studio since 2010, and I’ve now been studying singing for over 15+ years – if you want to build your range and learn how to develop the tips I’ve shown you above, you can book a session with me by clicking on the booking calendar in the sidebar to your right ->

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