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Kegan at Bohemian Vocal Studio has been coaching internationally via Skype since 2014 (in person since 2010) and has helped students all over the globe reach their goals, troubleshoot various issues and provided ongoing training and a clear path of progress for hundreds of singers of all walks and various levels; from absolute beginners to touring professionals and even other voice coaches needing some help with their own singing - if you need help learning to sing better; Bohemian Vocal Studio is the obvious choice for professional, detailed and personalised voice coaching online.

I never thought I'd be able to develop a powerful and effortless voice for rock and metal, but after taking regular lessons with Kegan, I've not only met, but surpassed my expectations and goals.


Kegan is a great teacher with a huge knowledge and talent - If you want to sing rock at the highest level choose BVS!


Kegan is the master of vocal training... period.


Top shelf sing-ninja wisdom! All kinds of awesome.


I recently had an online class with Kegan. It was well worth the money - Get as many lessons as you can!




My progress has been pretty epic!




Obviously this depends on whether we've met before, where're you're at as a singer etc - but my preferrred process is to spend the first 5 to 10 minutes discussing where you're at and any issues that have arisen since we last met, around 20 minutes troubleshooting any applicable warmup (or designing an appropriate warmup for you) and then the last half hour of a session on song-specific troubleshooting. The last 5 minutes of each session is dedicated to a recap and notes from the session.

You can book either a half-hour session or a full-hour session with me as needed.




Of course! You're welcome to record the session through Skype - however this isn't something I do myself (bandwidth, space and using various devices make this impossible from my end). Keep in mind that any recorded video remains the property of Bohemian Vocal Studio and is not to be shared without my prior consent.




Yes, absolutely - you can join as a Premium Member to get massive discounts on Skype sessions and access to Bohemian Vocal Studio's premium tools like the famed Vowel Translator.




You can book a one-off singing lesson with Kegan in the booking calendar below. One-off sessions are great as an introductory lesson to learn about the Foundation vocal approach and get troubleshooting help and specifics in your voice. Once you've booked your session, I suggest getting in touch with a brief introduction about your voice to let me know where you're at/any specific issues you're experiencing so that we can best prepare for the session and make the most of your booking. You can view the calendar and make a booking below;


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The most effective and economical way to book Skype coaching with Kegan at Bohemian Vocal Studio is with a premium monthly membership. You can choose from just one, two or three (1 hour long) Skype sessions per month in the different levels of membership - these can also be split into multiple half-hour slots if you prefer.

Premium Membership is excellent for creating an ongoing progress plan and also working towards specific goals like an upcoming show, audition or specific songs.

Along with monthly Skype credits, premium membership also comes with exclusive access to The Vowel Translator, booster courses and premium tools in the membership HQ.

Premium sessions are discounted from around 40% off the cost of a regular session - you can cancel at any time (even after just one month) and the price that you sign up with is locked in for as long as you remain a monthly subscriber of that level regardless of any future changes.

Premium membership sounds pretty rad, right? Let's get serious about your singing:

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