Singing voice lessons

Singing voice lessons

As the premier studio for professional singing voice lessons, Bohemian Vocal Studio has become synonymous with GREAT singing. If you’re looking to build a great singing voice, then singing lessons on line with Bohemian Vocal Studio will show you how to build a powerful singing voice, how to sing in mixed voice and increase singing range with practical, easy to follow and professional singing lessons.

Since launching in 2010, Bohemian Vocal Studio has become THE destination for the best singing lessons online. Experienced with any singing style and well versed in various accents and even the most ‘difficult’ voice types, BVS will help you reach your goals and show you how to POWER UP your singing voice with rock singing lessons on line.

Coaching touring professionals and beginners alike, Bohemian Vocal Studio coaches rock singing lessons all around the globe each week, from singing lessons in New York to singing lessons in Russia – taking singing lessons on line with BVS means that you can learn from the best voice coach available, no matter where you live.

Learn how to sing online

Online singing lessons with Bohemian Vocal Studio allows you to learn how to sing better from the comfort of your own home, and meet with the best voice coach available worldwide. My students often tell me that singing lessons on line with BVS are just like a “Live” version of the absolute best youtube singing lessons. Taking online singing lessons is just like taking local singing lessons – except you have access to the best vocal coach available worldwide.

To help get you started, here’s the top 5 singing voice tips that EVERY singer should know

#1 – Place your voice

Did you know that YOU are actually in control of the frequencies that your vocal chords create when you sing? That’s right, you can actually learn to encourage a specific band of frequencies by learning vocal placement singing. A fantastic way to encourage correct placement of your singing voice/one of the best vocal placement exercises is to figuratively limit the amount of vibration and frequencies below your top teeth – this way, you will resonate in the chambers above your mouth rather than getting stuck in your throat or causing vocal chord strain. Here’s a practical tutorial I’ve put together showing you how to sing with vocal placement:

With vocal placement, you can ensure that your resonance is powerful and FREE throughout your whole vocal range with minimal effort and exceptional consistency.

#2 – Vowels are SHAPED, not PRONOUNCED

Another misconception about singing technique is that you ‘pronounce’ vowels – your vowel sounds, AH/AA/OO/EE/EH (think phonetic, not with your accent), are actually created by the shape of your tongue and the width of your vocal tract. With these vowel shapes it’s super easy to sing songs and you can increase vocal range with ease. Here’s another great tutorial I’ve put together for you on vowel mechanics:

Shaping your vowels is imperitive for a great singing voice, so make sure you book in with me to learn how to sing vowels correctly.

#3 – Release your registers

Releasing your vocal registers is an absolute MUST for any singer. I often find singers are mistaking locked registers for belting singing technique – two very DIFFERENT singing techniques. Most singers are taught to release their registers by singing a lip trill, or lip bubble – but more often this is not explained to them efficiently, and they either lose interest in practicing this exercise, or they do so with the wrong intention.

Remember, an exercise is only as good as the INTENTION behind it. You can practice singing scales all day long, but without understanding WHY and HOW you should be practising singing exercises, it’s like learning how to change gears in a car without knowing how to accellerate… or brake!

#4 – Learn how to sing in mix voice

Once you learn how to sing in mix voice, you will have more singing range than you know what to do with – and, it will be POWERFUL like you never imagined. I really wish I was shown how to sing mixed voice when I first started singing, as I truly believe that mixed voice singing is the KEY to a great singing voice.

I personally love the visual concepts of PROJECTION and my personal favourite CLASSROOM VOICE to teach my students how to achieve mixed voice singing – but other exercises such as the cry and releasing from vocal fry into your high range have often proven effective in training students how to sing in mix voice. Here’s another simple tutorial that will show you how to sing mixed voice:

#5 – Tune your vowels

Along with learning to sing mixed voice, tuning your vowels is a MUST for every great singer. It’s something that you hear in a great singing voice like Aretha Franklin, Adele, Chris Cornell or Paul Rodgers – but not something you necessarily notice unless you have the proper training yourself. A great way to learn the very basics of vowel modification is to practice a pure “AH” vowel and sing up towards your vocal break – and just shy of your break, allow your vowel to widen somewhat towards an “OH” sound instead – can you feel how your resonance opens up and any tension dissipates? Congratulations, you just tuned your first vowel.

There is actually quite a few different ways to tune your vowels – vowel modification simply being the most basic. Once you learn how to control the motion of your tongue-root along with your soft palate, you will be able to modify your vowel with MINIMAL effort so that your vowel changes are inaudible, but POWERFUL – the sign of a powerful

Learning how to sing online is EASY with Bohemian Vocal Studio – the premier destination for Rock Singing Lessons and synonymous with a GREAT singing voice. When you’re ready to power up your singing voice and take your proper vocal techniques to the next level, you can book professional singing lessons with me today.

Are you ready to learn from the best voice coach worldwide who has trained singers to appear on The Voice, X-Factor, tour professionally with their own bands, make professional recordings and also star in large musical theatre productions like shrek, the producers, fiddler on the roof and rock of ages? You can sign into my online booking calendar today and select the available spot of your preference – it really is THAT easy to book singing lessons on line with Bohemian Vocal Studio!

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