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With new content released weekly, Bohemian Vocal Studio’s YouTube Channel has steadily grown into one of the most respected rock vocal coaching channels worldwide – from Russia, Latvia and Sweden to New York, Florida, Australia, Hong Kong and Britain.

The #1 Professional Singing Tip

Take small steps, and continue stepping… Start out with your posture, breathing, foundation and support, then work on your vowels, tuning, positions, placement and resonance – from there you can work on the cool “delivery” stuff like consonants, tone and distortion. Kegan’s approach to singing is practical, simple, steps-based and proven – so take the right steps and book a session today.

The #2 Professional Singing Tip

Sing naturally, free and easily – not forced, unnatural and pushed. If you see someone straining at the neck, going red in the face and pushing for their high range, then there. is. something. going. wrong. Singing should be simple, strain free and easy, even POWERFUL singing, remember, if it feels uncomfortable, it’s not right! If someone’s singing lessons videos and tips aren’t simple, practical and useful – then you need to find someone’s who does!


Are you ready to POWER UP your singing voice and build an incredible, resonant, soaring vocal range? You can book a session with me now and I’ll show you how it’s done!

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