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Have you been scouring YouTube singing lessons looking for answers to questions like “Why does my voice break?”, “Can anyone learn to sing?” and “How do I improve my singing tone?” – you’ve come to the RIGHT place if you want to build a powerful voice and extend your range!

Can I get lessons in my area?

Absolutely! I’m available on Skype to provide professional guidance and premier vocal lessons – you can book a session with me personally in the booking calendar to your right in the sidebar. My studio is based internationally, and I’m currently running singing lessons in Nashville, provide vocal coaching Manchester, London and Australia – with the wonder of Online Singing Lessons I’m available worldwide at the click of a button, no matter where you live!

Can you teach me how to sing from your diaphragm?

I started singing over 15 years ago, and I’ve now been coaching at Bohemian Vocal Studio since 2010, so I have a full service teaching studio – not only will I teach you how to sing from your diaphragm, I’ll teach you how to sing higher, how to sing with more power and show you how to sing your favourite songs! I have a background in classical singing technique, but I’m personally a huge rock fan – so not only will I understand your favourite songs and singers, but I’ll also show you the RIGHT way to sing so that you build a healthy powerful voice without strain.

Why should I choose you as my online singing coach?

With over 15 years experience studying healthy vocal technique and building the stellar vocal range I’m now known for, you’ll be coached by one of the world’s premier rock singing coaches who understands you don’t want to end up with an Opera tone or practice scales all day long – you just want to sing, and sing GREAT! My specialty is teaching those with misunderstood voice types, those with a persistent vocal break, low voices, anyone that loves ROCK and most importantly, singers looking to sing with healthy vocal technique and sing the RIGHT way.

I’m personally looking for students who are committed to their voices and will stay positive through the learning cures, as well as those who will practice and help me help you by taking my advice and working with me to develop your technique so tell me, why do you think I should be coaching you?

What about remote areas, or different timezones?

I’m currently reaching around 12+ different countries each week, all in different timezones – so I’m well versed on keeping international time. The best thing is that my online booking calendar will actually convert the times you choose into YOUR OWN TIMEZONE! Simply set up an account and choose your location, and your time will be shown in light grey underneath the main time in the calendar – pretty cool, right?

How about my accent/my native language?

Again, I’m well versed in different accents and how the voice works – I’ve personally developed my teaching approach with the intention to work with students of various nationalities and with varying levels of English. I have quite a few Swedish students, a number in America, the odd Spaniard, of course some here in Australia and I’ve even coached students in Switzerland, Italy, Lithuania – the list is huge! Working with the voice is my profession, so any accent or language barrier is no issue, everyone deserves access to great singing technique!

How can I take online singing lessons with you?

It’s super easy to book a session – head on over to the online booking calendar put through a session for the date and time you’d like and we’ll meet on Skype!

Are you ready to start building a powerful singing voice and growing a huge vocal roach? Click on the calendar to your right to reserve your time!

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