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Build your confidence while developing a powerful vocal range with professional singing lessons in Sydney. Bohemian Vocal Studio specialises in building a powerful, open tone for voice students from beginners to advanced and touring musicians. With a focus on simple, modern terminology and approach while strengthening a foundation of classical technique, coaching with Kegan at BVS is especially perfect for those looking to build rock singing technique, pop singing technique, blues singing technique, RNB singing technique and powerful singing chops for almost any style from the classics right through to heavy metal – healthy technique is powerful singing! Singing lessons in Sydney are a great way to build your confidence and develop a powerful range – Skype lessons are also available worldwide!

What is Bohemian Vocal Studio?

bandcamp2Bohemian Vocal Studio is a singing studio and vocal approach developed and started in 2010 by rock singer and lifetime student of the voice, Kegan DeBoheme. With over 15 years experience in a range of styles, Kegan has been likened to the prominent rock singers of the 60’s and 70’s and his voice as “possessed by the dark, unapologetic ghosts of the deep South” (Pinboard, 2011).

With an original background in rock and blues and now further study in Opera and classical singing technique, Bohemian Vocal Studio has allowed Kegan to develop a very specialised approach and specific way to teach healthy, open singing technique to any vocal range or voice type – Kegan being one of very few vocal coaches with a natural bass range who effortlessly sings in the tenor range and above.

Who will benefit from Bohemian Vocal Studio?

You! Me! Everyone! Absolutely anyone is welcome at Bohemian Vocal Studio – just be sure to “leave it at the door” where other singing approaches are concerned. With the specialised approach to healthy singing technique used at Bohemian Vocal Studio, using parts of other approaches often muddies the waters – Kegan can show you the right way to use your voice and point you in the right direction for healthy reference singers and any suspect techniques that might be shown in other contemporary approaches to singing.

What if I have a really low/high/this/that vocal range, can I still learn how to sing?

Absolutely! Healthy singing technique works for any range or voice type – As a very low baritone, I’m now able to sing well into the tenor range and beyond using the technique I now teach here at Bohemian Vocal Studio, diaphragmatic breathing, breath control, vowel modification, proper vocal placement and strain release among other important parts of building a healthy vocal range. Females, bass singers, rock singers, RNB and pop vocalists – can all benefit from healthy singing lessons, be it Sydney singing lessons or Skype vocal lessons.

How do I book a session with Bohemian Vocal Studio?

You can purchase a session to your left in the sidebar, or you can email me directly with any questions or anything else you’d like to know!

If you’re ready to start building your own healthy singing voice, book a session with Bohemian Vocal Studio now!

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