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Learning how to improve your singing has never been easier than here at Bohemian Vocal Studio, with local singing lessons in Sydney, singing lessons online via Skype worldwide and our new live-chat feature ready to suit all your singing classes and online singing needs.

At bohemianvocalstudio.com you’ll see hundreds of singing tips and free singing videos here on the website and our YouTube channel, and you can shoot me a message anytime you like with ANY singing questions you may have using the chat prompt at the bottom right of your screen. I believe in the free exchange of information, so I’ve detailed everything that I’ve learned personally and all the techniques I’ve developed over the past decade to build my voice from a weak croak into a soaring octave singing machine that is powerful, controlled, full of tone and most of all, healthier that ever.

A healthy voice is a POWERFUL voice

That’s right, with the concepts of diaphragmatic breathing, modified vowels, an open throat and tons more techniques from strain relief to tone and placement, you can improve your singing right now by checking out my other posts and free online videos that are a wealth of singing tips and really do show you how to learn to sing online – no catch!

Online singing has never been easier than now, and with local singing lessons available in Sydney, you can learn to sing at home, attend sessions in our Sydney singing studio or take part in online singing lessons using Skype. Check out the below video for a quick introduction to Bohemian Vocal Studio and what can be done with proper singing technique and the right coach!

If you’re ready to start building your own powerful rock singing voice with Bohemian Vocal Studio, book a session with me now!

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