Singing lessons beginners

Singing lessons beginners

With a specialty in teaching international students with various accents and coaching ‘difficult’ voices and voice types, Bohemian Vocal Studio has steadily grown into the premier online studio for professional singing lessons online. Since launching in 2010, BVS has become synonymous with GREAT singing and professional voice coaching.

Beginners singing lessons with Kegan at Bohemian Vocal Studio will show you how to build a powerful and healthy singing voice, and show you how to sing higher than ever before – with confidence and ease. Along with coaching touring professionals and students who have gone on to perform on The Voice, musical theater productions of Rock of Ages, Shrek, Fiddler on the Roof and The Producers – Kegan also coaches beginners singing lessons to budding singers all around the world each week. No matter where you live or your singing experience, singing lessons on line with BVS allows you to meet with the BEST voice coach worldwide from the comfort of your own home.

Kegan helps me so much. No complications – Only simple effective tools for singing songs that divide my vocal life in two parts – before and after BVS. Before sessions with Kegan I knew a lot about singing (SLS, CVT, Ken Tamplin and other methods) but couldn’t use what I knew.
I wasn’t able to apply over-complicated concepts and simply thought that I just have no talent for singing.

Sessions with Kegan helps me sing SONGS and understand my voice and use it in way that I always dreamed!

The BEST vocal coach ever.

– Ivan (Russia)

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Learn how to sing better with BVS

With experience in every singing style, various accents and voice types – when you take online singing lessons with Kegan at Bohemian Vocal Studio, you KNOW that you are recieving proper singing techniques from the best voice coach available, learn how to sing better now by booking a Skype session today!

Kegan has coached singing lessons in Russia, singing lessons in New York, singing lessons in Sydney, singing lessons in Hong Kong, singing lessons in London, singing lessons all through Europe, America, Australia and Asia – no matter where you live, all you need is a basic laptop/PC/smartphone and reliable internet connection.

Top #5 tips on how to sing better

To show you how serious I am about helping you learn how to sing better, I’ve put together these tips and techniques for you along with practical tutorial videos that will SHOW you how to improve your voice immediately. We all know that you should sing from the diaphragm, and you need to build a MIX voice, and sing with resonance – but who else out there will actually SHOW you how to do it? With these tips on how to sing better, you’ll sing higher than ever before and build a POWERFUL singing voice.

#1 – Set up your foundation

Setting up a strong foundation is the groundwork you need to lay before you can build a powerful singing voice. Your foundation starts with posture:

  • Head up
  • Shoulders back and down
  • Chin Parallel with the floor
  • Sternum ‘up’ (ie: ribs out)

Once you’re comfortable and confident in setting up your posture, you need to engage your diaphragm so that YOU are in control of your breath while singing, allowing you to sing with RESONANCE and POWER instead of weak and breathy. Here’s a few cool ways for you to practice engaging your diaphragm:

  • Breathe low and sharp as though you’re breathing through a small straw
  • Hold your arms as though you are shooting an archery arrow sideways (head forward)
  • Lie on your back with a cup/book on your navel – try to make it move with your breathing only.

Once you can set up your posture and engage your diaphragm in one smoothe motion, you’re ready for tip #2:

#2 – Sing with resonance

That powerful “buzz” you hear in a great singer – resonance is the difference between SPEAKING and SINGING. Learning how to place your singing resonance is an incredibly important skill you need to develop to build a powerful singing voice. Here’s a practical tutorial I’ve put together for you to show you how to place your resonance:

Placing your resonance in this manner will allow you to BUZZ and resonate well up into your higher range without any vocal strain and very minimal effort. All you need to do is let that resonance rip and limit your airflow and your voice will GROW!

#3 – Support your voice

Also known as “Appoggio” or “Leaning” on the breath, proper singing support involves an increase in air pressure, while simultaneously limiting your air FLOW. A great way to practice this is to imagine holding on to two books or heavy weights in each of your hands up by your shoulders, and as you ascend in pitch, lowering though as though they are VERY heavy – you’ll feel a “support” sensation down in your core. This is sometimes called compression, but I prefer the term support. Here’s another great video singing lesson I’ve put together for you that will SHOW you how to support your voice:

#4 – Tune your resonance

Tuning your resonance is the missing element in most contemporary singing courses and truly makes the difference towards becoming a GREAT singer with total control over your voice. Your vowels have two main aspects, the SHAPE of your tongue, and the WIDTH of your vocal tract. Lets start with the tongue shapes:

  • AH – Tongue low and concave
  • AA – Similar, but with the center of your tongue forward a touch
  • EE – Tongue UP at the back
  • EH/AY – Similar, but with your mouth ajar
  • OO – There’s actually two different OO vowels

Now, the WIDTH of your vowel is dictacted by the proximity of the tongue root to the pharynx (bear with me!), but there are a number of easy ways to make this happen. Lets try it with an “AH” vowel first, so, tongue low and concave and singing with a RESONANT placement. As you sing up towards your first vocal break, allow the vowel to change into an “OH” like “Lost” or “Pot” depending on your accent – but allow this to happen from the base of your throat rather than changing your articulators like your tongue, teeth or lips. Can you feel how your resonance shifts and you are able to ascend through your break with ease now? Congratulations, you just tuned your first vowel.

Now, every voice is unique, and each VOWEL is unique, so modifying your vowel in this manner isn’t the most effective way to tune your vowel, but it’s a great start.

#5 – Articulate your consonants

Creating your consonants in the right manner is the secret to singing actual SONGS rather than just scales and drills – learning to ariculate your consonants is actually pretty easy to do, you just need the right approach. I like to group my consoants into similar types like resonant, plosive, sibilant, coordinated and glottal, and then build an approach for each of my students depending on their accent and voice type. Here’s a really cool way to get past those tricky glottal consonants like G and K:

With these five tips, you really can learn how to sing higher than ever before and build a POWERFUL singing voice. If you’re ready to take your voice to the next level and get some help tuning your resonance and troubleshooting those consonants, book a session with me today for the best professional voice coaching online

Beginner singing lessons

Coaching touring professionals and beginners alike, Bohemian Vocal Studio provides the best voice lessons no matter your level of experience. If you are a complete beginner, that’s fantastic – it’s a clean slate and we can build your voice the RIGHT way from the very start. If you’ve already spent some time developing your singing voice or you’ve done a singing course or two, that’s also great – you’ve likely already built up some of the important musculature and understand the techniques I’ll be helping you tweak. Book a Skype session today for the most POWERFUL online vocal lessons available.

Feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!

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