Singing Defined In 4 Simple Words

Singing Defined In 4 Simple Words

While the process of learning how to sing can be a lengthy and frustrating one, the actual act of singing itself is very simple and easy. We singers often like to pile on the techniques, terms, exercises and knowledge, inadvertently weighing our voices down instead of the achieving the freedom we so desperately seek instead of simplifying the whole process and making the art of singing a joyous and easy process.

We’ve explained complicated singing techniques in less than 280 characters and even explained how Sigmund Freud’s teaching can help you in your journey towards becoming a great singer, and today we’re going to define singing in just 4 simple words.

#1 – Foundation

Without a foundation, there’re no walls, and with no walls, there’s no roof. If singing were a house, this would be the perfect analogy, but the premise is the same. Without a healthy foundation of breathing, posture and placement, there will be nowhere to lay the walls of your range and ultimately the roof that is the tone and quality of your voice.

#2 – Balance

I feel like I could just repeat “balance” five times and be done with this list, but I’ll elaborate to make it even easier for you. Singing is ultimately a process of balance and coordination, not one of muscular force or brute strength. Singing requires balance in your registers, your resonance, your frequencies, your breathing, airflow and SO many other aspects of your voice that it’s safe to say you get my point already. Singing is the ultimate act of balance and coordination. Are you manhandling your voice and singing without balance?

#3 – Resonance

Resonance is key to a great singing voice. Forget breathy pop singing, I’m talking about powerful and inspiring SINGING, true singers like Aretha Franklin and Chris Cornell. Resonance is key to singing well, and resonance comes with vibration, not airflow. If you’re blowing out a ton of air when you sing, you’re ultimately lacking in vibration and resonance.

#4 – Support

Support comes in many forms when you sing, so I like to refer to the term support as “rely” instead. When you sing high notes, you should “rely” on your breathing. When you sing words, you should “rely” on your vowel production. When you sing with distortion or intensity, you “rely” on your vocal fold adduction – so many aspects of great singing involve support and “reliance” on another aspect of your voice. Are you singing with support?

By developing and focusing on these four simple but effective elements of a great voice, you will be singing more efficiently and cutting through that deadly learning curve we all struggle with when we first start singing.

Are you singing with foundation, balance, resonance and support? If you’re struggling with your voice and finding the whole process of learning how to sing a frustrating one, a better place to start is the free foundations courses available here at Bohemian Vocal┬áStudio which will show you how to set up a strong foundation so that you can achieve balance, resonance and support as your singing voices evolves. When you’re ready to take your voice to the next level with professional training, you can book a Skype Session and we’ll work towards extending your range and building consistency for your voice EVERY time you sing!

If you have any questions about learning how to sing and these four simple but important aspects of a great voice, feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!

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