Singing Career Opportunities [How To Get More Gigs]

The Simple Trick To Getting More/Better/Amazing
Singing Career Opportunities
[How To Get More Gigs]


I remember getting knocked back for gigs.

Rejected for interviews.

Not hearing back about features and reviews.

The dreaded "thanks for your interest, but..." letters when I applied for big support slots for touring bands.

It's also one of the top things I get asked almost every single day by singers looking to MAKE IT in the music business - whatever that means to you these days.

And it all comes back to one simple key that I'm about to share with you.

But first, I want to show you exactly how I turned those rejection letters, all those gigs we didn't get, all those reviews and features that we mostly never even heard back about into SERIOUS opportunities as a singer.

Pro opportunities.

Life changing opportunities.

Opportunities I never could have dreamed of before I learned this simple trick.

To the point I'm knocking back gigs and saying "thanks for your interest, but..." right back at the people that used to reject my applications for gigs, shows and tours. People are literally trying to knock my door down to offer my gigs, tours, shows and weird  and wonderful opportunities I once only dreamt about.

I'm not trying to impress you here, or tell you I'm great or anything like that - I just want to share some of the amazing opportunities that literally come knocking once you learn what I'm about to share with you as a singer;

I've said no to appearing on the voice, both as an auditioning contestant and also a voice coach for years, years, years and years running. Australia's XFactor also contacted me a few years ago to take part as a singing contestant.

Promotional companies and magazines want to work with me and feature my work - totally unsolicited on my part too.

Magazines want to talk about the albums and do reviews, features and articles on the band;

The reviews also come in on their own;


Oh yeah, the comments and reviews from fans on YouTube just keep rolling in again and again and again;

So what exactly changed from the days of constant rejections to today where I wake up with an inbox full of offers and opportunities?

The voice.

No, not the TV show.

MY voice.

The way my voice has changed since I've developed outstanding technique.

The crazy range I've developed.

The freedom I enjoy.

The tone, the style and delivery.

Being honest, we didn't get those gigs because our singer (*ahem* ME) just SUCKED.

We didn't get those reviews because we weren't even worth a BAD one.

We didn't get those support slots because my voice was a liability.

And let's face it, record labels, producers, touring companies, managers, engineers and yes, even other musicians have a LOT at stake - so why would they risk it all on a liability?

A guy they'd seen on stage blowing out his voice two songs in?

A guy who's EP they'd heard, and absolutely been turned off by the awful singing?

At the time I thought it was totally "Rock 'n Roll" to blow my voice out night after night after night like I was somehow "giving it my everything" when really - I just sucked as a singer.

My technique was basically treating my voice like it was a a ten pound cheesegrater - and I obviously sounded like nails on a chalkboard.

So if you're serious about this whole music thing, you want more gigs, you want offers, you want opportunities and you want to make a SERIOUS go at it and you're just SICK of the rejections and knockbacks, you need to ask yourself one hard but important question;



I'm serious.

Not just "it's okay".

Or "I get through the song most of the time".

Or "It's pretty good"

I'm talking about seriously powerhouse, outstanding, professional vocal technique.

Is your voice absolutely 100%, cream of the cop, best it can be?

Let me answer that for you.

If you're getting knocked back for gigs, tours, reviews and features - and you're not waking up to an inbox full of offers and opportunities from people and companies desperate to work with you; then your voice isn't up to scratch.

I'm sorry.

But it's time to admit it.

I admitted it - and it pushed me to make a change and finally improve the technique that had been holding me back from so many killer opportunities for years.

I'm even going to show you just how bad my approach was - even after taking singing lessons for many years.

Watch the video below to see my own "Before and After" as well as learning the #1 most important thing you will EVER learn as a singer - the #1 thing that absolutely changed EVERYTHING for me as a professional singer.

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